💏 You Stole My Heart 💏
Chapter 9🌷🌷
Finale 😘😘
By: Summer Gold
Michel’s Pov :
” So tell me why you pretended all this while ” Piper asked as we walk in the moonlight with ice cream in our hands
” Let’s just say I was a fool not to discover so soon ” I replied and she stopped
” So now,,,, how do you feel about me? ”
“Do I need to answer that? Piper,, I love you a lot ” I said
” More than I do? ” She raised an eyebrow
” Maybe ” I smirk and we laughed
” We need to go home right now,, Ella will be waiting ” She said dragging me along with her
” Gosh,, let’s wait for some minutes ” I said
” No we can’t ”
“yes we can ”
” You are so stubborn ”
” I know ”
” But it’s late already ”
” Okay, let’s leave ”

We got home and everywhere was beaming with light and different sounds coming out,, piper and I faced each other and then back to the house
” What is going on? ” I asked
” No idea ” She replied and we entered
” The couples are here!!!!! ” they screamed
” What are you guys doing? ” I asked looking confused
” Remember the deal? You promised not to fall in love with her ” Austin said and winked
” But,, now what? ” David said loudly
” Gosh,,,, you guys are something else ” I said with a grin
” I told you right? You will be the one begging me “:Piper whispered
” Did I do that? ” I whispers back
” Yeah sure ” she replied
” So,, what if I was joking? ” I said
” Are you crazy? You won’t dare do that!! ”
” See who is begging now? ” I winked
” I wasn’t begging ” she defended
” So what? ” I asked
” Am gonna kill you if you leave me ” she smirk
” What? That’s too harsh ” I said
” You won’t leave me right? ”
” I can’t ” I said and kissed her
” Get a room!! ” They screamed and we left each other immediately
” Gosh,, are guys crazy? ”
” Guys!!!! Let’s dance!!!!! ” Emily shouted and climb the chair
” Yeah!!!! ” Piper said
” Hey brother can you get me a cup of milk? ” Ella said with a pleading face
” You little brat,, you can see am having fun right now. Go tell one of the maids ” I snapped

” No I want you to get it for me ” she pouted
” Gosh,,, okay let’s go ”
” I told you am gonna make you suffer for yelling at me ” I heard Ella talking silently
I turned back immediately
” You baby demon,, how dare you do that!!!! ” I yelled and she ran away while I follow
” help guys,, Michel wanna bite me ” she shouted and everyone turned to me laughing loudly
” What? Bite? Gosh!!! I am going crazy already ” I shouted and went upstairs
I wish I never had a Sister,, mine act like a baby demon. A kid brother would be better
” Hey biter ” Piper said and entered my room
” Don’t call me that ”
” But she said you wanted to bite her ”
” Why will I do that,, I told you that kid is a devil ” I scoff
” Don’t say that to her,, I really wish I have a sister ”
” Then you can take her ” I said and laid my back on the bed
” She’s your sister no matter what,, just a little bit crazy ”
“I know,, and I love her ”
” She’s cute ” she said
” You are cuter ” I said and she blushed
” Now let’s go back ”
” Not until I finish what we started downstairs ” I winked
” And what was that? ”
I stood up and pulled her closer,,, ” This ” I said and lock my lips with hers


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