💏 You Stole My Heart 💏
Chapter 8 🍭🍭
By : Summer Gold 🔥🔥
Piper’s Pov :
” What do you mean by,, you won’t talk to him? ” Emily asked
” That’s what am gonna do until he tell me he loves me,,, ” I replied and took a bite from my pancake
” Are you sure this plan is gonna work? ” She asked
” I don’t care, ” I replied
” I know you love him a lot, he’s just proving hard ” She said and I smiled
” We will see to that ” I smirk
” See, he’s coming ” she whispers and I looked up. I avoided his gaze immediately and focus back on my Pancake
” Who made this? ” Emily asked
” Michel’s mom” I answered
” I love it,, can you bring more tomorrow? “..
” gosh,,, are you kidding me? ” I laughed
” You said he have a sister ”
” Of course,, she’s so beautiful and lovely ” I replied and remember Ella, with those cute dimples
” Am sure you really like her ”
” And she likes me too ” I winked
” Awwn, how I wish Austin has a sister too,,,, ” she said and covered her mouth immediately with her palm
” What? You guys are dating? ” I asked
” Uhm,,,,,, I,, ”
” You kept this from me? ”
” Am sorry Piper,,,, ”
” No,,,,, don’t talk to me anymore ” I snapped
” Piper, please ”
” I can’t believe this,,, I thought we were friends ” I said
” Am sorry ”
” It’s okay ” I said

Finally it’s our last class for today,, I took my backpack and walked toward the car.
” Let’s leave ” Michel said and started driving home, I focus my attention on my phone
” Hey,, how about we go have some fun tomorrow? It’s Saturday ” He said but I kept quiet even though am really interested in having fun
” Am talking to you Piper ” he said but I did not respond
We got home and I got out of the car almost immediately,
” Piper ” Michel ran after me and I ignored him while walking upstairs
” Am talking to you!! ” He pull me back with force
” I don’t wanna talk to you!! Don’t you understand?!!! ” I yelled back pointing my finger at him
” Why? ”
” And why do you even bother about me? ” I asked looking down
” And why do you think am not bothered? ”
” I don’t know,,, you should have an answer to that but I don’t care ” I said walking toward the guestroom
” I love you ” He said and I stopped
” Good to hear ” I said
” That’s what you want to hear right ” He said
” Not anymore ” I replied and walked in .
I don’t want to force you before you tell me that.
” Hey Piper,, see this ” Ella said dragging my hand along with her to her room
” What is it? ” I asked
” Just come with me, it’s a surprise ” She said
We entered her room and I sat on the bed,, she came to me and show me a diagram
” What is this? ” I asked
” It’s you,, I drew you” She said happily
” What? Am the one here? ” I asked almost laughing but I won’t wanna hurt her feelings
” yeah, do you like it? ” she asked
” Like? I love it” I said and pecked her cheek
” See, brother. I told you am the best ” she said and that was when I looked back and saw Michel standing there
” Come on Ella,, that diagram almost make me wanna faint. It’s an absolute rubbish ” Michel said

” But, Piper said it’s beautiful ” she faced me with a sad face
” Am telling you the truth darling, it’s beautiful ” I said and she cheered up immediately
” Yeah!!! Thanks ” she said
” Hey we need to talk ” Michel said pulling me up
” We have nothing to talk about ” i said and push his hand off from mine and walked out of the room
He ran after me until we entered the guestroom
” But,, I already told you what you wanna hear ” he said and I scoff
” Just like that? Michel I don’t want to force you to say that,, I know you don’t feel the same way I feel for you, so lets just forget about everything ” I said
” And how the fuck do you expect me to forget? ” He asked and pulled me to himself ” All those memories keep on coming,,,, I can’t forget about it Piper. ”
” So what? ” I asked sounding uninterested
” I love you,,, I really do ” he said
” You sure? ” I asked
” Gosh,,, you need to believe me ” he said
” Okay,,, now let go of me ” I said getting away from his grip
” Not until I do this ” he said starring at my lips
” what? ”
And he kissed me!!!
Finally 😋😋


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