💏 You Stole My Heart 💏
Chapter 6 🍭🍭
By: Summer Gold 🔥
Piper’s Pov :
We got home after the long silence drive,,
” Wow ” I said softly
The house is a really huge one, so beautiful
” See am rich? ” he asked walking toward the front door
” No, your parents are rich ” I replied and followed him
” Hey mom ” he said, I turned toward the woman,, wow she’s so beautiful.
” Hey son,,, you are late,, ” she stopped immediately she saw me
” Who is she? ” She asked walking closer
” Piper mam ” I said with a smile
” How are you? ” she asked
” Am good ” I said feeling uncomfortable already
” Are you his girlfriend? ” she asked and Michel and I coughed
” No mom,, she’s my friend ” Michel said and I nodded
” Okay,, but she’s gonna make a good girlfriend anyway ” she said and winked
” Mom!! ”
” Oh sorry ” she said and I giggle
” She will be staying with us for some weeks, family problem I guess ” Michel said
” No problem ” she said
” Thank you mam ” I said with a bow
” Michel!!!! ” A girl shouted running to him,, she’s about 6 years or more
He never told me he’s got a sister, wow that’s cool
” Hey Ella, how are you doing? ” Michel asked and pecked her cheek
” You promised to buy me some ice cream ” she said with a smile
” Of course,,here ” he hand over a cup to her
” Michel? Who is she? ” She moved closer to me and that was when I realized how pretty she is.
” Is she your girlfriend? ” she asked with a smile
” No, a friend ” He replied, I kneel in front of her and peck her cheek
” Am piper ” I said
” Ella ” she said
” You are so beautiful ” I said and touched her cheek, she smiled widely, awwn those dimples
” You are also beautiful,, are you staying with us tonight? ”
” Yeah ” I replied
” Oh my God, am so happy, so we can both have some ladies moment? ” she said jumping up
I couldn’t help but to laugh
” What? Ella I’ve told several times that you are a girl and not a lady ” he said and faced me ” And besides,,, piper is also a girl ” he said
” Idiot ” I said
” I don’t care, Piper come, you can sleep in my room ” she said taking my hand
” No,, she’s going to use one of the guest rooms ” Michel said
” You are so mean!!! ” she yelled and ran upstairs
” Gosh Michel, why did you do that ” I said looking at Ella going up
” What if I want to come to you? ” he asked and smirk
” You are crazy ” I said and slap his arm

” Like you don’t want it ” he said and went upstairs
” Hey!!! Won’t you show me the room? ” I ran after him
” You are too loud ” he said
“Just show me the guest room ”
” It’s in my room ” he said grinning
” Michel,,,, “..
” You have to give me 1000 dollars ” he smirk
” You idiot ”
” 2000 dollars for calling me an idiot ” he said and entered his room
” Okay,, am sorry ” I said and bite my bottom lips
” I don’t need it ” he said laying his back on the bed
” So,,, you want 2000 dollars? ”
” Yeah ” he said
” Idiot,,, I don’t need your help. I will ask Ella to show me ” I said and walked out.
I heard him laughing,, gosh that idiot.
” Hey Ella ” I called waving at her, she smiled and ran to me
Tbc 😘😘


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