Chapter 5
By: Summer Gold
🔥 Michel 🔥
” What are you thinking? ” Austin tapped me and I snapped out of my thought
” uhm,,, nothing ” I replied
” Is it Piper? ” David winked
” Who is that? ” I asked facing my book
” Are you kidding me? ”
” Am not a kid ” I replied
” Gosh, you are in love with that girl already ” Austin winked
” Am not, that Will never happen ” I said standing up
I started walking by the hall way and then someone drag me to the bathroom
” Gosh ,what the hell who is this? ” I asked and turn only to find Piper, she winked
” What do you want? ” I asked
” Hmm,,,,nothing really .I just miss you ” she pouted her lips
” Funny ” I said and started walking out
” Wait ” she pull me back
” What do you ,,,,” she kissed me before I finished my sentence and I was too shock to kiss her back
She unlock from the kiss and ran off
What just happened? Did she just ,,,,,
I walked out and went back to class,,I searched for her but I couldn’t find her.
I think am going crazy already,,

” Why did you do that earlier? ” I asked as we entered my car ,,,,,” And why do you want me to take you home?”
” As you can see ,my car is not here .so take me home ,,” she replied.
” Okay ” I said and drove to her house in silence
We got home and she got down,,,
” You can come in if you want ” she said and I also got down, I don’t know why I agreed anyway.
We got in and It reveals a woman who almost look the same as Piper,, same blue eye and black hair.
She seems like she’s in a hurry,,,,
” Mom,, is everything okay? ” she asked
” Yeah baby, I need to go somewhere really important right now, ” she replied without looking up
” Business again? ” Piper asked like she’s hurt
” Am sorry, but trust me. Am just gonna use a week, and I will be back ”
” Same thing you said the last time and you ended up using one month ” she said in tears
I was moved by her tears
” Am sorry Piper,, trust me this time ” she patted her
” Just leave! ” she yelled and went upstairs.
Her mother sigh and turned to me,,,
” Who are you? ” she asked checking me out
” Michel ” I said with a bow
” Are you piper’s boyfriend? ” She asked and I chocked
” What,, am,,,, ”
” Help me take care of her please, I know she’s angry with me right now,,,, but am just,, I need to do this ” she said and I nodded
” Am leaving ” she said and went out
I watched as she drove out of the compound,,,
” You are still here? ” Piper asked coming downstairs
” I was about leaving ” I said
” Okay bye, see you tomorrow ” she said and turned to leave
” Will you be,, uhm,,be okay by yourself? ” I asked
” What if am not? ” she raised her brow
” You can sleep over at my house,,, and we can watch the Disneys together. It will be fun ” I said not knowing where it came from
” Why are you suddenly acting nice? Do you pity me? Or you really want to do this,,,,,, excuse me but I hate it when people pity me ” she said and went up
Gosh, did I say something wrong? Should I go meet her? What if she get more angry?
But I really didn’t pity her,, I just think that’s the best, she took it in the wrong way.
I sigh and walked out,,,

🔥 Piper’s Pov 🔥
I just made a mistake, I shouldn’t have talked that way. I need to go meet him right now, yeah.
I rushed out of my room and ran downstairs,,, oh no he’s going.
” Michel!! ” I screamed his name and he stopped the car
” Am sorry, I shouldn’t have,,,,, ”
” It’s okay, I understand you. But I didn’t say that because I pity you,,,, seriously, I don’t know why I said that ” he said and tears run down my eyes
” Am sorry,, can you wait? I will just get my things ” I said and run inside again.


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