By : Summer Gold 😘
Chapter 3 💖💖
🍭 Michel’s POV 🍭
” Won’t you say something? ” Austin asked me
” I have nothing to say about that ” I replied and stood up ” Am leaving ” I said and walked out
What was that? She had a crush on me for almost five years now? So stupid. Lies,,
I met her standing beside her car outside,,, I walked to her and stood in front of her.
” What do you want? ” She asked without looking up
” Do you really like me that much? ” I asked
” It’s even worst coz, you never noticed ” She replied
” So,, why didn’t you tell me? ” I asked
” I thought you will reject me ” she replied
” So should I do it now? ” I asked and she faced me
” Will you? ” she asked
” I don’t know ” I struged my shoulder
” Why? ”
” I don’t like you ” I confessed
” Should we make a bet? ” She asked
” What bet? ”
” If I make you fall in love with me,, then I will become your girlfriend ”
” And if not? ” I asked with interest
” I will go back to the time before I met you guys ” she replied and I nodded
” Cool, am in ” I winked and got into my car and drove off
💋 Piper’s POV 💋
” Are you kidding me? What if he doesn’t fall in love with you? ” Malia asked with a concern look
” Don’t worry about me Malia,,, I’ve always waited for this moment all my life ” I said and smirk
” I trust you, but ”
” No but,,,, am doing this. ” I snapped
” Okay,, at your feet bess ” she said and I smiled
” The first thing on my schedule plan is sitting together at lunch ” I said and smiled
” So, we are sitting with them during lunch? ” she asked in surprise
” Yeah ” I winked
” Go girl!! ” she screamed out that students all turned toward us
” Cool down ” I said as we got to the class.
I saw Michel entered with his friends,, I smiled at him and he returned the smile. I know what’s going on in his mind.
Don’t worry boyfriend,,,,,, am ready for this.
” Blue!! Attention!!! ” The teacher yelled
” Sorry!! ” I yelled back

Finally it’s lunch period, I walk out with Malia who seem nervous all over.
” Calm down Malia, it’s just lunch. And besides you are not gentle remember? So why the sudden change? Wait, don’t tell me you have a crush on one of the boys.” I said suspiciously
” What? Of course not ” she replied immediately
” Hmm,,, okay let’s go ” I grab her hand and we walked toward them
” Hey Piper sit with us ” Austin said
” Good thing they ask us first ” I whispers to Malia
” Are you sure? ” I asked feeling reluctant
” Of course ” David said
I took a seat beside Michel
” Hey ” I greeted
” Hi,,, so how is it going? ” he asked with a smirk on his lips
” Going well,,, you? ”
” Great ” he replied
” Am glad ” I said and winked
” I see you are trying hard, but trust me it’s not gonna work on me ” he smirk again
” Am not gonna force you sweetheart ” I said and smiled
” Then what? ”
” Nothing ” I replied
” You are crazy ” he said and laughed
” Guys,,, use a room ” Toby shouted
” We are not making out ” I said and rolled my eyes
” I think you are about to ” David said
” What? ” That was when I found out how close our faces are to each other. I couldn’t help but to blush.
I remove a strand of hair form my face and smiled,,,

” You are falling Sweetheart ” He whisper
” Shut up, am not ” I replied
” Okay, if you say so ” He replied and took a piece of his pancake,,, I stare at him as he chew. His lips are so damn pink.
” Stop dreaming sweetheart, I Won’t kiss you ” he said and I snapped out of my thought
” I never asked you to ” I replied
” You were starring at my lips like you wanna cut it off ” he said and I bite my bottom lips
” You are such an idiot ” I said and drank my milk
” We are six here ” Austin said
” So? ” I asked
” Too bad you guys only see yourselves ” He said
” Is there something going on between you two? ” David asked
” What? Of course not ” Michel answered
” But,,, ”
” Shut up Austin ” He snapped and walk away
Austin raised an eyebrow at me while I focus on my food,,,,
Michel,, I will get you no matter what
Tbc ❤


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