Oluchi: Hmmm, as you see me now eh! That your right is no longer your right until I live my marriage.

Chukwuma: What do you mean?

Oluchi: It means that from hence forth, your right now belong to my husband and my husband alone.

Chukwuma: When did this one start?

Oluchi: The day we got married legally.

Chukwuma: I knew it! I knew it! I knew that when you marry that old fool you will change towards me, didn’t I say so?

Oluchi: That old fool is my husband, that old fool is the same old fool that I collect money from to give you. Arent you ashamed of yourself sef? I collect money other men give to me and give you and yet you still call my husband old fool in my presence, I don’t blame you, it is because I am here in your house else, It would have been the opposite.

Chukwuma: Errrmmm, okay sorry for calling him that but you denying me my right is not also good. Check it out na, since you married, I have not had a piece of you.

Oluchi: If that is the case, if you cannot hold body till a few more years then I suggest we call it off.

Chukwuma: Did you just say a few more years?

Oluchi: ‘Yes I did. You don’t expect me to be sleeping around with you when I am still married to Ikedi do you’ she waited for him to reply and since he didn’t she added ‘well, as long as I remained married to him, I am not going to sleep with you. I have a conscience abeg or do you think all women are like Danica in Broken Trust on Adelove blog?

Chukwuma: Who be Danica again?

Oluchi: You haven’t read the story yet? Go to www.adelove.com. Check the MENU and click on Adelove Stories or click on Story Archive, you will see it there. Lots of Interesting Stories to read there and learn enough from.

Chukwuma: But this is not right na. At least consider me a little.

Oluchi: The only consideration you have now is what I am giving you and that is you leaving the country as soon as possible. I will take care of your bills and after some months, in the U.S you should be able to stand on your feet for I won’t keep on baby- sitting you. Your days of me looking out for you is over.

Chukwuma: How can you say all this to me, didn’t you say you will love me till your dying days?

Oluchi: That was then, not now. I have better things and bigger fish to catch.

Chukwuma: You can’t be serious; you can’t just tell me that. Who do you think you are?

Oluchi: ‘I am Oluchi, the wife to Ikedi. What can you do about it’ she asked looking at him straight in the eyes ‘Listen Chukwuma, My days of playing games with you is now over. The reason I came here is to make sure that I see you are well taken care of. Process your Visa with the money that I give you and when you are ready to live the country, I will transfer a huge amount of money which will last you for a few months and after that, our deal is done and our paths in each other’s life will be over.

Chukwuma: You can’t do that to me, you can’t just push me away. I won’t accept it.

Oluchi: What will you do Chukwuma, tell my husband the truth? if you do that, then I will expose you to the world.

Chukwuma: What do you have against me that you will expose?

Oluchi: Hmmm, do not dare me! I am warning you.

Chukwuma: What do you have against me, say it na.

Oluchi: Evidence that you were the one that masterminded the kidnapping of the late two commissioner’s son and also evidence that you were the brain behind the robbery that went on in Zlico Bank few months back.

Chukwuma: Shocked at how much she knew about him and yet have nothing against her he said ‘how did you know all this?’

Oluchi: ‘Because I have been watching your every move since you came my way. Now you are going to be a good boy and do as I say, get the visa ready and fuck the hell out of my life. Am I clear’ she shouted.

Chukwuma: Yes!

Oluchi: I didn’t hear that.

Chukwuma: Yes! He shouted.

Oluchi: ‘Good boy, that’s more like it’ she looked at him, smiled and walked away but not without saying ‘I will keep watch over you, here and anywhere you deem it fit. If any harm comes to me Chukwuma, I will make you pay. Don’t underestimate me, be warned!


After few months, Ikedi became worried that Oluchi isn’t showing any sign of pregnancy. Every night, he goes to her room to perform his duty but no result is forth coming. He decided to talk to his wife about it.

Ikedi: Oluchi, I want us to discuss something important.

Oluchi: What is it? I also wanted to discuss something with you tomorrow but since you are here, maybe we can discuss it today then

Ikedi: knew whatever his wife wanted to discuss with him was money related and decided to speak up first ‘Arent you worried about the fact that no child yet?

Oluchi: Worried ke! How can I be worried when my marriage isn’t up to five years? Besides, am I God that gives children? Am I also the one that will impregnate myself?

Ikedi: So you are not worried?

Oluchi: ‘No I am not’ she said as a matter of fact.

Ikedi: If that is the case, then I am.

Oluchi: It is normal for you to be worried na. you are fifty plus and you do not have any children. I can understand your plight.

Ikedi: Oluchi it is time you take this issue serious.

Oluchi: How serious do you want me to take it again? What do you want me to do?

Ikedi: I want us to visit the hospital.

Oluchi: Will visiting the hospital solve our problem?

Ikedi: At least, let us be checked and be certified okay then we know the next step to take.

Oluchi: I am okay oooo. The problem is not from me. Maybe it is even you sef.

Ikedi: Whatever, let us just visit the hospital and let us be checked first.

Oluchi: Alright but it won’t be this week.

Ikedi: When will it be?

Oluchi: When I return from London. That was what I wanted to discuss with you. I want to travel to London and will need money for that.

Question: Hmm… Are you feeling this story? Can somebori please put on the AC biko? It’s getting hawter! What do advise Ikedi and Chukwuma here?


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