Doctor: We need to do more test and evaluation on your child.

Ifeoma: Doctor, What is the problem with him?

Doctor: Your child is suffering from Autism.

Ifeoma: Is that the reason why he hardly mingle with his peers and doesn’t smile and communicate?

Doctor: That is one of many reasons why he behaves the way he does.

Ifeoma: All my children were okay during childbirth, how come his own is different?

Doctor: We can’t really say but a lot of factor could be at play here.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?

Doctor: When you were pregnant, did you take care of yourself and unborn baby? The kind of alcohol you took and maybe, just maybe the paternal age could also play a role here.

Ikedi: What do you mean Paternal age doctor?

Doctor: Ermmm, at what age did you give birth to your son?

Ikedi: You mean Obiechina?

Doctor: Yes.

Ikedi: Sixty three, sixty four.

Doctor: Okay, you gave birth at an old age if I am allowed to use that word.

Ikedi: What has that got to do with my son being an Autism patient here?

Doctor: recent research carried out over the years has shown that the more the genetic quality of sperm, as well as its volume and motility, all may decrease with age especially when the man is over fifty years old.

Ifeoma: Meaning?

Doctor: Meaning that, permit me to use the layman language here please.

Ikedi: Go ahead.

Doctor: just as how the woman reaches menopause, Men also have their own male biological clock. The higher the age, the lower their sperm count.

Ikedi: I don’t believe this; that is not true.

Doctor: it is sir and it could be one of the reason why your child has autism that is, if other factors have been ruled out.

Ikedi: That is not true, it is a lie.

Doctor: it is sir; men also have their own biological clock.

Ikedi: How come I have never heard of this, no one told me?

Doctor: Because it is a recent research and not a lot of people are well informed about this.

Ikedi: My God! What other effect aside from Autism can a father pass to his children?

Doctor: A lot and they include; autism, schizophrenia, dwarfism or Apert syndrome and a lot more.

Ikedi: Why is awareness not created, a lot of people have no idea that men also have their own biological clock?

Doctor: That is why we are using this medium, Adelove blog to create awareness so that our men will know and be alert on the dangers of having children at old age.

Ifeoma: Doctor, will my son be okay?

Doctor: He will be. He just needs to undergo therapy for a couple of weeks or months, depending on how he responds to them.

Ifeoma: I just want my son to be normal like his other siblings.

Doctor: Do not worry Madame, we will do our best.

Ikedi: Doctor, I really want my son to be oaky and please do whatever you can to help us.

Doctor: I will do my best.


When they got home to prepare for Obiechina’s to commence his therapy, Ifeoma walked up to her husband.

Ifeoma: Ikedi, What are you thinking?

Ikedi: Nothing much.

Ifeoma: Which means there is something, talk to me.

Ikedi: I was just thinking about what the doctor said.

Ifeoma: About the male biological clock?

Ikedi: Yes but aside from that, I have so many regrets.

Ifeoma: What other regrets do you have?

Ikedi: Regrets that I never listened when I was spoken to.

Ifeoma: What do you mean?

Ikedi: I wished I had listened to my mother when she warned me severally about having a child when I was much younger.

Ifeoma: Is that the regrets you have now?

Ikedi: That is the biggest regret of my life.

Question: What are the dangers of having children at old age?


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