Ikedi’s family came around after Oluchi left and took over with taking care of him. His bosom friend’s Ekene and Chidera cut all ties with him for they didn’t want to have anything to do with with him ever again. Nkiruka was the only person who solely took over the responsibility of seeing that his little brother gets better again and she used all her resources to send him to india of which he spent one year six months there. When he came back, he came back better and despair.

Nkiruka: Now that you are back to Nigeria, it is time you put the pieces of your life together.

Ikedi: ‘Hmmmm’ he sobered’

Nkiruka: What is hmmm again?

Ikedi: Nothing, it’s just that I do not know how or where to begin

Nkiruka: you have to start from somewhere.

Ikedi: I can’t think of anything right now.

Nkiruka: You have to, you have to man up, accept your loss and move on.

Ikedi: How can I do that when I lost everything. I don’t even have anything left of me. I don’t even have a child of my own.

Nkiruka: Eh!Eh! I don’t want to hear that right now, it is never too late.

Ikedi: How? Having a child in this old age is or was never my plan.

Nkiruka: What do you mean?

Ikedi: I am sixty years old and I have nothing to my name. Who would want to have a child for me right now. If I was rich, maybe I would have opted for a baby mama but I am no longer the Ikedi of yesteryears.

Nkiruka: Put yourself together and stop talking nonsense, you will find a woman who will bear a child for you. All you have to do right now is remain positive no matter what life throws at you.

Ikedi: I pray. All I can do now is hope ooo.

Nkiruka: your ex -wife was wicked but she still had pity on you by leaving the house deeds and one of your filling stations to you, that you should be grateful for.

Ikedi: Hmmm, What a life!

And that was how Ikedi continued his search for a woman to call his own again or altleast a woman who would bear him a child. He dated both young and old but none wanted to have any long relationship with him for he was not their spec.
He met Chioma, Chinenye, Chigozie but they all turned down his request concerning bearing a child for him or even marrying him for he was old and not as rich as he used to be because the filling station he had was not earning him the kind of money he expected.

After searching and searching, he gave up on women and decided to devote his time and energy in doing the things of God.

Nkiruka: Ikedi, this one you are now going to church every day, what is happening?

Ikedi: Sister, what can I do? Since I have no one or nothing, I decided to devote my time to God ooo.

Nkiruka: I am happy for you oooo but please do not give up hope. God is still under the throne.

Ikedi: Amen.

Ikedi never relented in his service to God, he kept his hope and faith alive till one day, on his way to church he met a beautiful lady who was also hurrying to church for they were trekking.

Ikedi: Hello, are you going to my direction?

Ifeoma: Which direction are you going?

Ikedi: I am going to Holy Centre Ministry. Is that where you worship?

Ifeoma: Yes that is where I am worshipping; you know we are already late?

Ikedi: ‘Yes I do. C’mon, let us walk together’ and together they walked down to church. After church service, Ikedi met with her again and asked for her name. He also collected her number and requested for his permission to keep calling her and she obliged.

Ifeoma: ‘This one you called me out here today’ she said for Ikedi pleaded with her to meet him in a restaurant.

Ikedi: I am sorry if I called you out at the wrong time.

Ifeoma: No problem. What is it you wanted to discuss with me?

Ikedi: Nothing much, just want to get to know you better.

Ifeoma: Why is that? Aren’t you a married man?

Ikedi: No, I am not.

Ifeoma: What do you mean you are not? Haven’t you ever married before?

Ikedi: I have but she left me.

Ifeoma: Wow! Sorry to hear about that.

Ikedi: It is in the past now.

Ifeoma: I understand, I have been there before.

Ikedi: Are you married?

Ifeoma: Yes I am but I am now a widow.

Ikedi: Wow! I am sorry

Ifeoma: it’s no problem really.

Ikedi: When did he die and what killed him?

Ifeoma: He died two years ago and he was involved in an accident.

Ikedi: So sorry to hear about that.

Ifeoma: I am doing just fine by his grace.

Ikedi: Any kids yet?

Ifeoma: Yes, five kids.

Question: Looks like Ikedi is destined to have kid(s) in Life but why the delay? Is it too late for him?


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