WHO’S THAT GIRL? … (18+) … Part 20


Freddie and Chad has finally gotten admission and to college, in the same place actually, when Freddie had to leave his home his mother cried her eyes out before letting Freddie go..
Freddie got up tiredly from his bed, and when he glanced at the time his eyes grew wider, 8:30am
“ah geez I’m late” he said and looked over the bed opposite his and couldn’t find Chad that means be left he quickly dashed to the shower, he quickly wore his clothes and brushed his hair backwards before grabbing his backpack..,
Freddie walked very fast to class, he didn’t expect college life to be so tiring and complicated, on his way to class he quickly stopped at a coffee shop and bought a cup of cappuccino and a doughnut before becoming a little full and finally got to class,..
As he entered the class the professor had already started teaching, he groaned in anger and disappointment.. He looked at the front and spotted Chad but there was no empty seat beside him or anywhere everywhere was occupied, he had to sit at the back he spotted an empty chair at the back beside the window and also which was beside a girl with a curl short blond hair,.. He walked silently to the chair not wanting to make any sound at all, so not to drag attention, he finally got to chair and sat down and breathed a sigh of relief.. He unzipped his bag but his elbow mistakenly touches the blond girl beside ,
“I’m sorry ” he suddenly said and faced his bag again which seems hard to unzip.
“it’s okay ” the girl said and faces her book writing down what the professor wrote..
“and that’s the end of today’s lesson ” the professor announced and grabbed his lesson note and coffee before heading out..
“damn it ” Freddie said angrily and threw his backpack on the floor, Chad stood up from his seat and he and Freddie made eye contact and Chad started to pack his notes to catch up with Freddie..
“you know you should have made it here early if you wanted to learn but don’t worry I can borrow you my lesson note ” the girl next to Freddie said, staring at Freddie..

“no thank you I’ll tell my friend” he said and picked up his bag standing up, the girl stood up too with her books in her hand. Freddie turned to the girl and almost passed out when he saw Nora, she was completely Nora but except for the blue eyes and black long hair,..
“no… no…nor” he couldn’t even talk but trembling staring at her from head to toe she was more human-like her skin wasn’t glowing but she is beautiful and the dimples were still there but she was a bit taller.
“um are you okay ” the girl said wanting to laugh..
Chad walked up to them.
“hey bro” he said and tapped Freddie, Freddie looked at him and then looked at the girl and then Chad looked at the girl and arched an eyebrow.. “Nora? ” he called and couldn’t believe his eyes..
“actually it’s Jinora, Jinora Aphron” she said and smiled..
“wow I can’t believe it you came back ” Freddie said and hugged her, she looked at Freddie weirdly and said..
“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you’re Freddie right” she asked while Freddie nodded..
“and you’re Chad ” she asked while Chad nodded, the boys looked at each other then looked at ‘Jinora’ ..
“how did you know us ” Chad asked
“I don’t know I felt like I do and also Freddie you’re the one who answers the question every day in class I’ve been watching you” she said and smiled and her dimples appeared..
“but I haven’t been seeing you in any of my classes ” Freddie said.
“I’ve always been in all classes but you just didn’t notice” she said and smiled ..
“okay then see you around” she said and smiled.. Grabbing her bag from the chair, Freddie didn’t want her to go, his heart started to beat, he just found Nora and she’s about to leave again.. As she started walking away he quickly ran up to her, and held her hand..
“Nora.. I mean.. Jinora can we um hang out together sometimes.. ” he said and stared at her in her light brown eyes..
She began to smile and said “sure, when? ”
“how about tomorrow “Freddie said and she nodded and said
“see you tomorrow then, Freddie Mercury ” Freddie felt like hugging her but he stood his ground and watch her go..
“I can’t believe it mehn she looks so much like Nora or is it that she came back for me ” Freddie Said to Freddie and they both walked back home , both were roommates.. After taking different classes again for the day, the day was finally over,
During nighttime Freddie and Chad laid on each of their bed staring at darkness but talking to each other before finally falling asleep..
Freddie had a dream.
In his dream he saw Nora smiling with her long black hair sweeping the floor she was wearing what jinora wore today, a plain yellow dress, but Nora was glowing and her eyes were sparkly blue..

“Nora ” Freddie called surprisingly
“Freddie” Nora called happily as her voice echoed..
“I came back for you Freddie, I am Jinora but she doesn’t know that but still she does ” Nora said and kissed Freddie before disappearing.. Freddie didn’t understand what she meant but he woke up on time the next day and so did Freddie’s and they both head to class together.
During afternoon Fredi met Jinora outside the campus and Jinora felt happy seeing him that she quickly kissed him, she backed away and gasped..
“OMG I’m sorry I just.. I don’t know I’m feeling like I’ve known you before, like we had a thing before ” she said and shyly smiled..
“we have, Jinora we did have a thing and guess what” Freddie said and cupped her cheek
“what? ” she said smiling..
“I love you” Freddie Said while Nora smiled even more..
“and guess what too” Jinora said
“what? ” Fredie said
“I love you too” Jinora said and they both kissed..

The End….

After everything Nora came back and they later got married, you see guys when there’s love there is Life.

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