It’s one thing to love someone, another thing to be loved back in return by the one you love and a different thing entirely for that person’s love for you to be greater than yours for him/her. When a person shows you more love than you do to them in return, it just shows that you are engraved in their hearts and they are never letting you go so far as it’s in their power to keep you. In Gary’s case, it’s evident that his love for me was more than I was aware of. It was apparent that this man meant every word he had ever said to me and never hesitated to back them up with actions. I knew I had felt Loved in the past by other men I came across, but Gary’s type of Love was just something else; It was phenomenal.

After the romantic and cute Make-Up gesture by Gary that fateful evening, I had no other option than to take back my Man whom I had secretly missed since we had been apart. Honestly, I wanted to spend every minute with him that fateful evening because I had missed him so much than I was showing. The tight hug he gave to me after uttering that promising word ‘Forever’ was just the most intimate hug I had received in a very long time. What a reunion!

“Babe I want to take you somewhere” Gary said immediately we parted from the hug, “Where are we going to hun? It’s kinda late; don’t you think we should go home?” I gently inquired but he said it would be worth it. Confused but partially excited, I entered into the car and we zoomed off.

After about 25 minutes into the ride, we arrived at a nice part of town I didn’t even knew existed. It was a cinema where people watched the movie from their cars. There were so many cars present at the time we arrived but we were fortunate enough to locate a nice isolated spot and parked there.

It was such a nice gesture by Gary for me to ease off the stress that I was feeling due to the trade fair. He lowered the car seats in a way that made us lay back so we could be able to see the big projector that was showing a nice movie. The cinema attendants walked down to the car to see if we needed to buy snacks and pop corns. We bought some things to eat and enjoyed the movie.

Everything was going very well till we started catching feelings due to the erotic scenes being displayed in the movie. Gary and I had long conversations and laughed in a bid to shake off any feelings we were catching but all was in vain. As the movie continued, he gave in. “Baby I miss you, I really did and still do” he said in a romantic tone and I laughed out loud because I knew where he was driving at. “Babe don’t even catch feelings right now because it will only lead to nowhere” I playfully said as I laughed.

Mere looking at Gary, I could just tell that he had really missed me on many levels and it honestly made me laugh. I knew he wanted me at that moment and would give up just anything to devour me in the car that night. All those crazy thoughts that ran through his head just made me laugh whenever I saw his hungry eyes.

As my unbothered attitude and laughter became unbearable for Gary, he moved closer and reached for my neck. He planted a soft kiss there and I blushed as I looked into his eyes and at that moment, he unlocked his seat belt.

“Babe No, I can’t. I haven’t taken my bath, I feel irritated from all the running up and down during the fair. I just can’t do this right now please” I gently said and pecked his nose. “Sonnie I miss you, should we go to my house? Please spend the night over at my place, I miss you so much!” Gary gently said.

Seriously I held myself from laughing that day so as not to hurt Gary’s feelings because he was at his most vulnerable point. It made me laugh just watching him look so emotionally starved. To be honest, I missed him so much and wanted him too but just felt it was a bit too early; considering the fact that we had been apart for a long time. I managed to talk him out of the mood and made him understand that it was best we talk about things that would determine the lifespan of our relationship than get cozy.

An evening that would have ended up with Gary and I gasping for breath in his car or house, rather ended up with us talking about things that mattered more to our relationship. Through that evening’s conversations, new expectations and values were set for our relationship and despite the fact that I wanted to feel his touch that fateful day, I honestly preferred the way things turned out.

It was such a great day at the movie cinema and after over 3 hours spent there, we retired home. Gary dropped me off before heading to his house. Before I slept, he called and we talked till I was about to fall asleep. Our relationship was back on track and our love for each other was rekindled. It gladdened my heart that I had gotten my baby back, even though I didn’t let my happy emotions show. That day ended on a very good note!

Day in day out, the love Gary and I share became stronger. It got to a point where he wouldn’t take minor decisions without consulting me first. Honey, should I buy this? should I do this? should I wear this? Etc, became my everyday decision making with Gary. He literally carried me along in everything he did and never hesitated to show me off to his friends and business partners.

After the incident with Mercedes, there hadn’t been any major issue in our relationship nor misunderstanding. We maintained the peace and happiness in our relationship till the table turned one day and I was now on the hot seat.

It happened that Gary and I went for a get-together gathering with his business associates. I didn’t know any single person in that gathering except Gary and few familiar faces he had introduced me to in the past. Gary was very busy that evening because he was the centre of attention, so due to that, he didn’t really have much time to keep me company and I was totally understanding and cool with everything.

As I sat lonely in one of the chairs, Gary came up to me and asked that I help him get something from his car parked outside. Finally! I was happy to get out from that crowded place with serious looking people on suits and gowns. I collected the key and majestically walked out of the building.

After getting what Gary asked me to get for him from the car, I locked the car and was about to head back inside the venue when I heard someone call my name from afar. “Sonnie!” I heard and quickly turned, only to see one of my clients from work whom I signed a good deal with over a year ago. I was so excited to see him after a long time so I obviously acted excited and happy.

“Long time dear, how have you been?” I innocently inquired, “I have been great. Wow! You really look good, what are you doing here?” he asked, “I’m here with my friend; we came for a business get-together” I explained. We got talking about random stuffs and tried to catch up with work related issues. While we conversed, I had absolutely no idea that Gary was watching me all through from the balcony as I was talking to another man.

What seemed like an innocent conversation with an old client of mine was greatly eating Gary up. He was raged, irritated and extremely angry at that moment. I had no clue that he was watching me from the balcony and because I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I didn’t suspect that such casual conversation would in any way get Gary mad at me. There was fire on the mountain but no one was running yet.

Being a mature man that Gary was, he didn’t feel the need to come downstairs and create any scene, he waited for me to come back upstairs before letting loose his anger. After about 10 minutes of talking to my old client, I bid him ‘Goodbye’ and headed back into the building to meet up with Gary.

When I climbed upstairs, I saw Gary leaning on the balcony rails. I didn’t suspect that anything was wrong so I happily went to meet up with him. “Hey baby, here’s what you asked me to get for you” I said as I stretched my hands to hand it over, but he didn’t move an inch and just kept a straight face all along.

At that moment, I became confused and proceeded to inquired what I did wrong. “What’s going on? Did anything happen? Why are you acting strange? ” I confusingly asked but Gary was still mute. I became frustrated and my heart gradually began to beat fast. After being quiet for a while, he finally spoke up; “Who’s that guy you were with a while ago downstairs?” he asked with a straight face and that was when I had a clue of what was going on.

On realising that Gary was suspecting me for cheating on him, my heart shattered because I had never given him any reason or whatsoever to doubt my faithfulness to me. For all I knew, I had been faithful to a fault in our relationship and knowing that he was doubting my loyalty to him also got me mad. “That was a client of mine from work and it’s very annoying and disrespectful to know that you don’t trust me” I soberly said.

Before I could figure out what was happening, Gary sighed and walked away; leaving me standing there alone.

With my mouth wide open and tears in my eyes, I held my chest and sadly muttered; “What just happened?”


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