You haven’t truly understood heartbreak until someone you never imagine could break your heart, eventually does. Expectations are very deadly because your spirit, soul and body gets shattered if that expectation falls short. Just imagine how I felt that very day when I saw the mysteriously lady in my supposed partner’s house with his T-shirt on her body. I don’t think I truly have the right words to effectively describe the state of my heart that very day; It was beyond shattered!

As I stood there staring at a lady I knew absolutely nothing about nor where she uprooted from, my heart began to race and my whole body became numb. The question she asked was really annoying because I felt I was in a better position to ask that question “Who Are You?”. I was utterly irritated at that point but kept my cool regardless.

“My name is Sonnie, and you?” I calmly said, “I am Mercedes, so how can I help you?” she asked, “I am here to see Gary, is he at home?” I replied with anger secretly boiling within me and she chuckled. “Did you call before coming to his house? I’m asking because if you did, then you would have known that Gary isn’t around at the moment” Mercedes rudely said.

At that moment, I figured it was best I took my leave before I lose my cool, as the strange lady was being very rude and respectful to me by her manner of approach. I gently nodded my head and walked away without uttering another word.

As I took each step towards the elevator, my heart shattered. Tears clouded my eyes as I pushed the elevator button to signify that I was going down. As the door opened and I entered inside, tears started dropping down my eyes. It was really painful for me to believe that Gary had been playing with my heart all along. Such effrontery he had to give another lady the keys to his apartment, while knowing fully well that I had my own spare key since over a month ago; how loosed and manipulative he was. Matter of fact, I was done with his lying and cheating self. I didn’t even bother to give any room for explanations from Gary because I was already convinced that he was cheating on me.

Immediately I got out of the elevator, I brought out my phone and quickly ordered an Uber to come pick me up. As I walked towards the gate, the security officers opened the main gate and Lo & Behold, It was Gary driving in. My countenance didn’t look friendly at all and I ignored the fact that I saw him driving in.

“Hey, Babe! Where are you going to?” Gary shouted from his car window but I snubbed the living daylight out of him. He hurriedly got down from the car and hastened his steps just to meet up with me but before he fully came out of the gate, I had already entered the Uber that was parked across the building and threw his house key that I was holding from the window. In a twinkle of an eye, the Uber driver zoomed off, leaving shocked Gary behind. Few minutes later, my phone started blowing up with calls from him but I didn’t pick any. When the calling became too much, I switched off my phone.

The ride back home that fateful day was very devastating for me. I held myself so hard not to cry in front of the Uber driver that experienced all the Drama that happened few minutes back. After a little while, we finally got to my house and I paid the driver and walked into the compound. Immediately I entered inside my room, the tears I had been holding back since I saw that strange lady finally let loose.

That day, I cried like I hadn’t cried in a long time and certainly didn’t want to be consoled at all. I cried and sobbed till my head, heart and body began to hurt badly. I couldn’t stop wondering why Gary would do something as terrible as that to our relationship that was barely two months old. To be honest, I was truly heart broken and started having thoughts of giving up on Love because I was tired and afraid of committing to anyone again. What a sad day for me indeed!

While I was crying my eyes out that evening, I had no idea that Gary was on his way to my house that very moment. It was after about an hour later that I heard a heavy knock on my door. Before then, Gary had never entered inside my compound before, he usually stopped at the gate whenever he came around. I believe he must have asked someone outside which particular room belonged to me. The knock was very heavy that my heart almost dropped when I heard it.

“Who’s that?” I soberly inquired with a low tone and that was when Gary spoke up. “Babe open the door please, let’s talk! I promise I can explain. Babe open the door!” he calmly said but I was too hurt and broken to see or hear anything from him. “Just go please, it’s over and I don’t want to hear you lie to my face this minute, Just leave now!” I furiously said.

It was clear that Gary wasn’t ready to move an inch that evening without seeing me so we could talk things out. He persisted and kept insisting that I open the door for him. After going back and forth, I finally opened the door for him to come in. When he entered inside, he tried to hold my hands but I furiously knocked his hands off mine. “Don’t you ever touch me again! You just have one minute to say what brought you here and leave. Why are you here?” I flared up.

At that moment, Gary didn’t even know where to start from because he could see that I was ready to risk it all. He kept quiet for me to cool off before talking. “Babe let me explain what you saw in my house. Mercedes is a long time friend of mine who came to town yesterday for an appointment. She finished late and couldn’t leave town yesterday so she called and asked to spend the night at my house. I wasn’t at home cause I was out of town; which you are very much aware of. The cleaners left the keys to my house with the security so I called and told them to give it to Mercedes when she arrives. I hadn’t been at home and was just coming back when you saw me drive in. Babe I would never disrespect or hurt you like that, you have to trust me. I know I should have told you I had a guest but it totally skipped my mind. I swear I have never cheated on you since we started seeing each other and would never do a thing like that to you. Babe you are enough for me; you can follow me back to the house now to see for yourself that I am saying the truth. Please you have to believe me” he soberly said.

Oh My! At that point I was more confused than ever because I didn’t know what to believe anymore. Everything Gary said sounded very convincing but it could be a Big Fat Lie too, so I wasn’t ready to fall for it. “How can someone who’s just a friend behave so disrespectful towards me without even knowing who I was? Except there’s something backing such audacity up. She disrespected me in a way that doesn’t suit your story. Gary please leave my house I need space, I don’t think I am ready for this conversation. I want enough time alone and away from you. Please go!” I said with tears in my eyes.

Despite all I said and did, Gary still didn’t want to leave but after much persistence from me, he finally took his leave. That day was a very sad one for both of us and I wondered what he said to Mercedes afterwards because I received a message from an anonymous sender later that night apologising for being rude. It was obvious that she was the one but I never replied nor picked any of their calls.

What initially seemed like some time apart, gradually began to grow into something worst. Due to the time we spent apart from each other, my love for Gary began to grow cold as the day went by. He tried severally for us to talk things through and amend every brokenness in our relationship but I sadly wasn’t connecting nor trying to get my Man back. It killed me slowly everyday that things were beginning to get worst but I honestly didn’t know why I was holding back from totally forgiving Gary and taking him back. Our relationship was headed towards a wreck if something didn’t happen sooner to rekindle our love for one another. Everything continued same way till Gary did something dramatic one fateful day.

It turns out Gary was aware that the firm I work with was hosting a trade fair. The fair was massive because we started preparing for it since the beginning of the year. That day, I was very busy running from one stand to the other making sure that everything was going on smoothly. I had no clue that Gary went behind my back and paid the technical officials to display “Sonnie, Your Baby Is Sorry. He Said He Isn’t Going Anywhere!” on the big projector that was in the entrance and also at centre of the big field.

I would never forget that day; what a dramatic, yet cute way to crawl back into my heart. I wasn’t aware of what was going on cause I was running up and down to round up as it was already getting dark. My attention was drawn to the projector when my colleagues started laughing and making “Awwn” sounds. I quickly looked up and my heart dropped when I saw what was written on the projector slides.

There and then, a wide smile took over my face and I suddenly started blushing because my colleagues weren’t helping matters with the “Awwn” sounds they were making. It was such a cute gesture but I had to get back to work almost immediately, but this time around, I just could stop blushing as I worked.

After we had closed for the day and everyone departed to their various destinations, I walked out of the fair venue only for a car to flash it’s lights twice to get my attention. I turned towards the direction the lights came from and Lo & Behold, It was Gary’s car. Before I could figure out what to do, he started driving towards my direction.

As Gary got closer, I smiled faintly but immediately concealed my happy expression. He finally got to where I stood, wind down the window glass and said; “Remember I told you I wasn’t going to let you slip right through my hands? Well, when I said that I wasn’t playing games. Babe, I’m never letting you go, Ever!”.

After hearing such heartfelt words of assurance, my heart raced. I looked into my baby’s eyes, smiled and said “Forever?”.

Gary got down from the car and walked closer to me. He held my waist, nodded his head and boldly said “Yes Babe, Forever!”.


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