Love is personal and not a public affair; so therefore, it doesn’t require the masses validation in order for it to be authentic or recognised. When everybody has a say in your personal business, then it isn’t a personal thing after all but rather a public dumping ground for diverse opinions and suggestions from the masses.

From a Race or Tribal point of view, there was no way a relationship with Gary and myself could be a reality because he’s a ‘White Man’ who doesn’t suit any criteria from the ideal man my family and friends imagined that I will end up with, but boundaries was about to be dammed because I was hopelessly love struck with this man that was gradually driving me crazy.

That name ‘Gary’ sounded like a beautiful melody to my ears. His kind gesture towards the waiter was a gist for another day because the gentleman eluded absolutely nothing but kindness and tenderness; the exact traits I dearly needed in the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. A man that wouldn’t see a beggar or less privileged and wind up his car windows, a man that would tell a helper “Thank you” after a service have been rendered regardless of whether he paid the service bills or not, a man that will support me when I try to reach out to people in need and not one that would make mockery of me or talk me into seeing reasons why I shouldn’t be a blessing to my generation, and a man that will be a replica of everything I see in God.

How breathtaking it was that everything I ever wanted was sitting just right next to me in that restaurant. Gary, the man I see in my dreams; only that the reality was that he isn’t black but rather a full blown White Man. What a twist!

Just as I sat there lost in thoughts of Gary, I didn’t even know when he discharged the waiter and began munching his chips with a warm smile on his face. “Holla, are you here?” he playfully inquired and that was when I came back to my senses and to reality too. I smiled along with him and decided to just say something in order not to be perceived as boring.

“Oh nice, your food is here so I can take mine now” I joking said and stretched my hand to reach for my plate but he held my soft palms to stop me from taking the plate. “Eat with me, leave yours” he said with a cute blush on his face. The butterflies in my stomach started dancing as he gently held my hand.

To be very honest, I hadn’t felt that way in my life before. I can’t effectively explain how I felt that day because words would definitely fail me if I try to do so. Have you ever been lost in the presence of someone? Like that feeling that takes over you, but yet you can’t explain it?

When you meet that missing piece to your love puzzle, that ones that completes you and was made for you alone, you will definitely know deep down in your guts without being told by anyone that he/she is your soul mate. Too sad that not a lot of people have experienced that mesmerising feeling because they sadly never end up with the one that was truly made for them.

After the atmosphere became slightly tense, I crossed my fingers and kept praying to God to help me get through that day without losing my mind. In order not to prolong any issue, I joined Gary in munching the chips on his plates and partially worked on the documents I came there with. As we ate happily in silence, he broke the silence; “Can I know your name?” Gary asked, “Sonnie” I replied and he was blown away. “Wow, I really like your name” he said and I thanked him for the nice compliment. “Where are you from?” he continued and I boldly said “Nigeria” then he smiled even more.

For a second, I was confused as to why he smiled even more after I told him I was Nigerian. In my mind, I kept contemplating and wondering what was going through his mind at that moment because my country hasn’t been shaded much in a good light in most foreign nations due to one unfortunate thing or the other. I deeply wanted to know what was going on in his mind so I proceeded to ask him more questions.

“Why did you smile that way after I revealed my nationality to you” I playfully said just to sound less confused and worried. Immediately I said that, Gary stretched his hands and placed his palm on top of my hands that were rested on the table. He looked right into my eyes and said; “Sonnie, you don’t need to raise up any walls or be defensive with me because I’m not the type of person that stereotypes or generalise a person based on where they come from. There are so many good people from badly portrayed places and a person shouldn’t suffer because of something they have no hand in. Please don’t feel that way with me dear and don’t ever think for one second that I would stoop so low to judge a person I haven’t given the chance to prove themselves, all because of what exactly? Nahh stop that! Don’t think about that Sonnie” he gracefully said.

Oh My My My! At that point, if the trumpet sounded and the world came to an instant end, I would have felt highly fulfilled with the way it ended for me because those words that come out from Gary’s mouth was enough hope for humanity and would have served as a befitting way for me to say “Goodbye” to this beautiful earth. My My!

After that wholesome conversation, I figured it was time for me to take my leave because evening was gradually drawing near. I took a deep breath and broke my departure news to Gary and he felt sad that I had to leave. There and then, he optioned to drop me off but I turned down the offer right away because I didn’t want to give him the slightest clue that I was into him very much. He asked for my number and I felt the least I could do was to give it to him because I dearly wanted to see him again too. We exchanged numbers and parted ways afterwards.

As I majestically walked away from the restaurant, I could feel it deep down in my soul that Gary was looking at me as though his life depended on it. It made me smile and I also killed the catwalk as I headed for the main door. What a memorable evening indeed for me because it was a day I felt alive again since after my First Love.

That night, I wasn’t expecting his call at all because I felt he would take his time before calling but I was proved wrong. Few minutes after 7pm that very day, my phone rang and it was an unknown number but I knew deep down that he was the one calling. After ringing for a while, I picked up.

“Hello” I greeted with a soft tone, “Holla” the voice at the end of the line replied. I immediately knew who was on the phone so I said “Gary?”, he chuckled and replied “Where you expecting someone else?” and we both laughed. It was such a happy time that evening as we talked about random things.

As the phone call came to an end, Gary officially asked me out on a date with him. I was beyond shocked, yet excited because I get to see this amazing human being again. The date was scheduled for that weekend, so it meant I had some time to prepare. When I accepted the date offer, I could tell he was very happy. The venue and date was agreed upon and the call finally ended.

The countdown to that weekend officially began and I was super excited. I honestly didn’t know what to wear because my wardrobe was basically filled with work clothes. With that in mind, I had to go shopping on Friday evening after I closed from the office. Immediately I entered the boutique, my eyes went straight to a very nice white jumpsuit I knew I would be comfortable in. I chose that dress because it was the only one that captured my heart.

Money was paid for the dress and I took my dear cloth home to prep it for my dinner date the next day. That night, I don’t remember sleeping as I kept fantasising of what would go down the next day. Gary had called a couple of times and we were both excited about the upcoming date.

The day and time scheduled finally came and I dressed for a night that would determine any reality of Gary and I together as an item. I arrived at the venue 26minutes late than the appointed time. When Gary set his eyes on me, I could see the happiness in his eyes as he stood up to give me a hug. I hugged him and he reciprocated with a slight peck on my cheek.

Deep Down, I wanted more than just a peck but Hey! It was too early for any of that. When we were fully seated, a conversation started. “You look gorgeous” Gary said, “Thanks and you too” I replied with a smile on my face. “So what are we having for dinner?” he inquired and we made our orders.

The African girl in me ordered the things I knew I had the money there and then to pay for, just in case things went south ways; I guess they call it “Vex Money”. The food came shortly and we began eating while we conversed.

Everything was going very well till something tragic happened. As we ate, the waitress came with a wine and as she poured into our glasses, her hands slipped and the glass cup fell and all wine emptied on my beautiful white dress. Oh My My! I almost died that moment.

Normally, a rage expression was expected but I was even more concerned about the lady that had a minor domestic accident. “I’m so sorry! Please I’m very very sorry” the waitress said as great fear gripped her. I believe side watchers were expecting a dramatic reaction from me but the absolute reverse was the case.

“Are you OK? Hope you didn’t hurt yourself? ” were the words that came out of my mouth. At that moment, I even forgot that I was on a date and that my beautiful jumpsuit got ruined, all I was concerned about was for someone not to lose her job because of an overpriced jumpsuit that I wasn’t even going to wear again for a long time after that date.

As the little scene lingered, the manager of the restaurant came out to apologise to me but I still stood my ground that I was OK and was rather more concerned that the lady doesn’t lose her job because of that minor incident. “Sir, please don’t sack or query her. It could have happened to any professional staff of yours, I’m truly ok” I said. They thanked me and apologised once more before tidying the place and taking their leave.

Immediately they left, it finally dawned on me that I was with someone. It was then that it dawned on me that Gary had been watching the whole drama quietly and was utterly speechless. Before I could utter any word to him for us to continue our conversation, he looked into my eyes and said these magical words; “It would be the joke of the century if you ever think I would let you slip out of my hands. I am never going to make the mistake other man made with you. Sonnie, I don’t ‘Think’ but I ‘Know’ that I am in Love with You”.

My heart dropped as I tried to digest every word Gary said to me. I looked lost as I stared right into his eyes. Tears almost fell off my eyes as I tried to find the right words to say at that moment.

As I was about to say something, Gary held one of my hands and pecked it. He looked up to my face and soberly said; “Please don’t say anything except you are saying a Yes”.


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