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There’s always light at the end of every tunnel and though weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning. Finally, I could smile again after almost two months of frowning and crying. At last! My heart was rekindled with the only man it beats for. My love ‘Gary’ was back to me again looking hale and hearty. What a relief indeed!

Immediately I set my eyes on Gary that fateful day, I couldn’t find myself doing any other thing than shed tears of joy and appreciation to God for honouring his words and not forsaking me when I dearly needed him. At that moment, all I wanted to do was hold on to that tight hug as much as I could because I never imagine such blessing occurring that day.

As we held on to each other tightly, Gary could feel my brokenness and pain because I just couldn’t hold back the tears that were falling off my eyes. He was marvelled at the genuine unconditional love I had for him. By just holding Gary, I could feel how smitten he was and also how blessed he felt to have someone like me in his life. That reunion was priceless and highly emotional indeed.

When we were done displaying our emotions and affection towards each other, Gary finally let go of his tight grip and held my teary face. “I miss you my darling, I’m sorry for everything. Please don’t cry again, I am here now and would never leave you again except you are going with me” he said with a warm smile on his face. I couldn’t say anything because I was still in shock.

As I stood there still shedding tears, Gary tried to shake off the sadness by swinging my hands left and right. He did that for a while and I didn’t know when smiles took over my teary face. I hugged him again and again till he was mesmerised by the genuine reaction and love that was in the air. He kept blushing and I join him in blushing too.

“Babe are you closed for the day so we can go home. I came right from the airport down here because you were the only person that has been on my mind for the past 2 months” Gary said. A big smile filled my face and I just stood there blushing. “Babe you are so sweet and I don’t think you will ever understand what your absence did to me and also how much I have missed you. I still have an hour left before I get off work but I’ll take permission from my boss so I can leave with you” I happily said and gave him a peck on his cheek, then ran inside to get my bag afterwards.

Fortunately, my boss was very understanding when I told her that I would be closing an hour early. She dismissed me for the day and I happily headed towards the parking lot to meet up with Gary. Immediately I got into the car which seemed like a hired car from the airport, the driver zoomed off to our destination.

All through the ride, I was sober and just laid on Gary’s chest. Mere looking at him, one could tell that he recently just went through a life threatening predicament. He had lost some weight and also looked pale. In all that, I was just too occupied with being grateful than complain about anything that was visible to the eyes. He also hinted that I had lost some weight too and I smiled as I laid like a baby on his chest.

Shortly afterwards, we arrived home and the driver helped to carry Gary’s luggage inside his apartment. I left from his house that day to work so there was food to eat in the kitchen. Thankfully, it was a dish Gary would fancy and might have appetite for.

After we had settled down and the driver was discharged, I helped Gary to unpack and there was just too many goodies for me in those luggages. He bought so many things for me and I couldn’t stop showing appreciation to him. “Babe I made stew this morning, will you eat rice or should I make French fries?” I inquired and he chose the fries.

With Fresh fries on request, I entered the kitchen to prepare it since Gary didn’t fancy the rice I made earlier. In no time, I was done and food was served. He took his shower while I was in the kitchen and by the time I was done cooking, he was out of the bathroom.

“Babe, food is ready! Come and eat” I screamed from the kitchen. Gary came down to the dinning and we ate together. As we ate, we talked about a lot of things and tried to catch up on everything that happened in each other’s life while we were apart. Gary gave me the full gist about the accident and how he battled for his life in the hospital. Tears clouded my eyes as he spoke and when he realised that I was about to cry again, he paused the conversation and held my hands. “Is that tears I see again?” he inquired and I sadly shook my head.

As I sat in the dinning as someone who was at the verge of crying any second, Gary got up from where he was seated and sat closer to me at the other side of the dinning table. “Baby stop crying, please don’t ruin this happy moment” he gently said. I looked into his eyes and smiled in the midst of the tears that fell off my eyes. “You will not understand babe, I was scared and helpless, I thought I was never going to see you again. These past 2 months has been one of the toughest months of my entire life. How I cried and prayed day and night for a miracle but felt as though I hadn’t prayed enough for my heart desires to be granted. I wasn’t going to be the same again if anything ever happened to you because a big part of my heart would have been missing forever. You are so special to me and I don’t think you are aware of how much I love you Gary. How can one man be so thoughtful, tender, kind, sacrificial and selfless? I bless God the day I met you because you have contributed to making me a better person and partner. I love you so much, please don’t ever leave me again” I soberly said with tears in my eyes.

At that moment, Gary was mesmerised and numb. He didn’t know what to say and just held me close to his heart. He placed his head on my head and wrapped his arms around my hands. We just sat like that, shedding tears of joy. No one would really understand how we felt that day because we were the only ones that wore the shoes to know where it hurt.

After a long while of sober reflection, I finally told Gary about the prayer of agreement I made with God and to my greatest surprise, he was cool with the new abstinence journey in our relationship. I believe God went before me to soften his heart and make him very understanding because the Gary I knew few months back wouldn’t survive without having access to my body. The fact that he was genuinely willing and ready to go on this new journey with me was something worth jaw-dropping for. God is indeed very faithful I must say!

Little by little, we overcame the trauma and shock that come with the accident that happened back in the states. Total happiness began to find it’s way back into our relationship again. Unlike before, this new peace lingered for long without any Drama every now and then.

Gradually, I began to pull Gary closer to God and it also helped our relationship too. Everyday spent with Gary gave me a new reason to want to spend ‘Forever’ with him. Whenever I looked into his eyes, I could see us growing old together in bliss.

Maybe not today, nor tomorrow but in few years to come, Gary and I will take that official walk towards the journey of ‘Forever’ where I get to walk up each day right next to him.

Until that beautiful day when I’ll be mentally, spiritually and emotionally ready to scream “Yes” to his ‘Forever’ proposal, I’ll be right here holding it down with my Boo and making everyday count because no minute gone can be gotten back again.

Love will find anyone that wants it and will shy away from anyone that despise or talks down on it. No love story ever worth telling was without obstacles, but what matters is whether the challenges makes or breaks you both.

In a generation that brags about cutting people they love off, be that ounce of hope that says “Let’s work things out” than “I’m done with you”. Don’t rush into relationships so as not to rush out. Take as much time as you need before investing your emotions in anyone so that when you finally do, you can safely bring your guards down and love that special person unconditionally just as God has loved us.

Finally, be proud to identify with Love; It doesn’t make you weak to love someone so much to not want to let them go, but rather, it shows how strong and human you are. In all this, always remember that what is rightly yours would never pass you by as long as you are expectant, so be Expectant!

End of story!

Written by Sonia Okehie

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