we woke up around 7pm,, after dinner me and my baby amina went to our usual place,, we kissed like nonstop , anyway I couldn’t give her sex, though the requested but I declined ,, I don’t know why I don’t feel like having sex with her,, maybe because my love for her was above sex shaa,, we also cried because we will surely be apart from tomorrow,, but we finally concluded on meeting each atleast once a week, no matter the distance,,

amina. u know I will be the one to present tomorrow’s goodbye speech,,

me. how come?

amina. the senior prefect came to our room early this morning to inform me about that,, and I have also been working very hard on that through out today,, I thin I have had enough on my head, but I will steal rehearse it again tonight,,

me. that’s good,, you know I trust you so much,, and I know you will do the best,,

amina. I pray I don’t cry while presenting it,, because thinking that I will be away from you,, is enough reason to make me cry,,

me. baby we are only going for a holiday,, not that we are going forever,, and beside we have also agreed to meat atleast once a week,, so please be strong tomorrow,,

———–>>>fast forward<<<————-

we woke up very early the next day being Sunday,, went to 5.am mass,, returned after mass,, and everyone started packing and getting ready to leave,, I packed all my belonging in my wardrobe,, and also pack the once am taking with me in my little traveling bag,,

the school bell came around 9.am for the students to present their bed sheets,, immediately I became scared,, maybe the school laundry team will notice aminas virginity blood on my bed sheet, what will I tell them,, how am I going to defend my self,, if they ask what blood is that,, what will I tell them,, what if the female one understands that the blood is a virginity blood??

after much thinking,, I decided to atleast go there first and God will help me,, chuks and Dan already took there’s and left the room,, I took mine and joined them,, on getting there, there is already a long cue, I joined the line ,, one thing about this is that when you get there,, you will have to open your own bed sheet for them to see that you didn’t tie it,, how am in going to handle my case,, it got to my turn,, I quickly went up,, open the first one,, they registered it,, I opened the second one and it was also registered,, without fear I opened the third one, which has the blood stain on it,, luckily for me none of them was looking at me,, I quickly close it,, was about dropping it when an unexpected question came,,

biology teacher. what is that blood stain on your bed sheet??

(surprised) looked at my back to see the biology teacher coming towards me,, I quickly compault my self

me. good morning sir,, I once had a little injury during my training in the pitch ,, so I used the injury to lay on it,, so the blood from my injury stained it,,

laundry man. oh sorry dear,, you are among our footballers,, don’t worry I will wash it clean for you OK,, you can go now,,

biology teacher. how is your injury now??

me. healed sir,, I answered as I quickly left the place,,

wow, God really helped,, thank God I said in my mind,, at around 11, another bell came for the to assemble at the school hall for the final goodbye,,

after the prayer from the principal,, amina was called up to deliver her speech,, she looked at me and I nodded at her to go on

amina. good day my teacher and my fellow students,,

all. good day to you

amina.my name is amina oladipupo, and am here to say goodbye to all of you on behalf of the school,(st. Charles)
today is the day we say goodbye to each other It has to be said that putting together what I want to say today has proved to be one of the hardest things I have had to do. It is so difficult to sum up what has been a roller coaster of a journey for us all at st.Charles whether you started at the very beginning, whether you joined us later or whether you are a lifer- undoubtedly this term group is a family. To try and talk about all the things that we have been through, done and achieved together is a tough ask.

Today is an ending of this term, but we should remind ourselves that endings don’t have to be sad. Whilst I am not ashamed to admit that I cry every time I watch Toy Story 3, it’s not because I’m upset, but because it is such a fitting and touching ending to one of my favourite film trilogies ever. And we should look at today in a similar way. There may be tears, laughter, a whole range of emotions – but not because we are heartbroken, but because we are going to miss each other. There have been tough times, but above everything, we have always persevered when we’ve needed to most and always made the most fun out of everything that has been thrown our way. It does seem a bit ridiculous that I am comparing the most grown up stage of our lives so far to Toy Story, a children’s film, but, we all know about our passion for Disney Pixar. because we all are still children’s .

We still question how on earth we made it the best through this term,, but I all I can say is that We’re still All In This Together, With the debate competition that attracted all the attention, Let’s be honest, we weren’t really that liked as we slipped into party mode. A term that was defined by big characters and an inordinate number or cliques, Now, though, I hope we are remembered for the right reasons. A group with the most amazing year spirit, a group always up for a laugh, a group that works best with some kind of creative distraction – the kind of fun and energy that was showcased in our this term debate and football competitions. But perhaps we are also a group that would have achieved better results if it had put as much hard work and effort into exams as it did into the debate competition. There have been some truly iconic moments ranging from D of E to World Challenge, the three sleepouts and all the school trips – all are unforgettable experiences. Rest assured, you won’t forget any of it –

while we all emberk on this term holidays let’s remembered,, all that we a have been through,, let us all also remember never to give up,, let us all always put in our families what we have been thought in this great st.Charles, let us all show the humble and respect this great school has thought us,, As all travels today for our holidays, let us remain strong to whatever lies ahead, we will always treasure all the years that we have spent together. and we will still come back to spend more, Thank you to our teachers for supporting us no matter what and putting up with our quirks and our craziness. Our school experience wouldn’t have been the same without you. thank you for the principal for all your support and Care, thank you the st Charles kitchen team for being our mother, thanks to all students for working together,

The final thing to say is good luck to everyone. I am truly so proud to say that I am a member of this great school,, and I know we all do,,

thank you,,

(this speech is the speech I never forgets in my life,, I remembered I leter took the pepper she wrote this speech on, and I always read it everyday,,I know you want to know why I do read it everyday? keep reading WhatsApp adventure, you will soon find out why I do that,,)


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