I left her house and headed for miss Ade’s house,,

I got to miss Ade’s house knocked on her door,, she opened immediately, she was very hot,, with a sleeveless top,, and a white bum short,, her laps shows very well,, and it seems as if she wasn’t wearing any bra,, because I can see her nipples from her to pointing at me,, she was very happy seeing me,,

me. good evening ma,,

miss Ade. good evening tony welcome,

miss Ade’s house is like mine,, I don’t need any permission to enter,, I entered immediately,, heading straight for a seat before her voice got me back,,

miss Ade. you know you got me very angry yesterday,, why would you just leave like that , while you know I haven’t showed you what I called you for??

me. please am sorry ma,, its because I remembered that I have a meeting with my fellow class mates and if I should wait more for you,, I don’t know the time you will be coming back from the principal office,,

miss Ade. its OK,, congratulations once again for your victory and also,, congratulations for your term result,, and finally congratulations dear, you have successfully set a new class challenge between you and amina,,

me. thank you ma,, but I don’t understand what you mean by class challenge,,

miss Ade. you are now amina`s class lead rival,, make sure you don’t let her win you,, read hard and and don’t give up,, all the teacher and students are now watching you two to see what you both can make out of it,, so bring to me more surprises,,

me. (smiles) sure ma,,

she held my hand as she headed for her room,, one thing about me recently is that I have fully trusted miss Ade,, am not scared of any of her movements, anyway if taking me to her room is what we all are thinking,, I will gladly accept that,,
don’t just ask why,, and don’t just try to remember the football rules to me,,, I needed it from her too,,

on getting to her room,, she let loose of my hand as she headed for her wardrobe side,, I wonder what she is up to,, as I quietly sat down on her bed,, not quite long of searching on her white hand bag , she brought out a white nylon ,, she opened it and brought out the new phone she got for me,, I was surprise as why she brought it out again, when the time is not yet here,,, but I decided to keep shut and see what she is up to,,

miss Ade. tony to be sincere with you,, I can never compete with you , you have showed me that you don’t loose on challenges ,, I think you should take this now,, am no longer on this game with you,, because I know you must probably win your next challenge,, so take it, you have won,

me. no ma,, I can’t,, remember it remaining 1more task and the most difficult task here,, before I will successfully be the owner of this,, I can’t accepts this now,, because we agreed on me winning all my tasks ahead for the term, and its just remaining one,, so please ma,, keep this and let me continue… because being in mind that am also fighting to win this from you, will make me work hard ,, so use this to encourage me to do more ma,,

she didn’t say a word, she quietly kept the phone back to her bag,, as she moved closer and planted a kiss on my lips,, I kissed back,, and the kiss went on,,

I started massaging her boobs through her cloth,, she seems to like it as she never wanted to break the kiss,, she unhooked my trouser and let them fall to the floor,, she broke the kiss and took my d–k to her mouth,, and she started giving me the world best b—–b,, I relax as I kept enjoying the sensation,, she went on for like 10mins until I started felling my akamu build,, I quickly pushed her head off,, and our lips meet each other again,, we were still kissing when I removed her top to reveal her ripe boobs,, wow her pawpaw size of boobs can wake a dead man from dead,, immediately I saw that,, my d–k successfully received its new enlargement size,,

I gently pushed her down to the bed as I feed from her boobs while removing her short, she wasn’t wearing any pant either,, when I removed her bum short she opened her legs as I gave her kitty the licking of its life,, which lasted for like 15minutes,, she also c-m 2wice on the process, shouting and turning her self up and down,, she became weak after experiencing her 2nd organism , but because I needed to c-m too, I didn’t even give her any brief chance as I penetrated her on a missionary journey,, she seems not to noticed that am already inside her,, because she was very weak,, I pounded her for like 7minutes on that same missionary journey before she regained her self,,

first she started screaming slightly,, I turned her over and penetrated her again in a doggy style,, she was totally back this time and she is also enjoying it,, calling my name, asking me not to stop,, I was going in and out of her as fast as I can,, she started thanking me for the work am yet to finish,, at about 10minute on the doggy style,, she freed her self and requested to be on top,, I lay down and she sat on top of me,, as she let my d–k to enter her again,, immediately my d–k fully entered inside of her,, she let out a loud moan,,as she paused and sat on my d–k still inside her,, I noticed she was experiencing another organism, I gently raise her up as I started going in and out of her with a mighty speed,, till I was near,, I started feeling my own c-m build ,, I continued as I was enjoying the sensation, till I emptied all in her,, we both laid on the bed both exhausted,,

we laid silently, breathing fast,, for sometimes,, till I noticed she was fast asleep,, I stood up,, wore my cloth and left her house as I headed for mine, I got home,, at around 4.30,, my two room mates was also still sleeping,, that they didn’t noticed I was in,, I went to the bathroom,, fresh up,, as I embark on the same sleeping mood…


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