we went to the canteen,, eat drink played and celebrated for all of us,, at around 1pm. we all we all decided to go In and fresh up,,

chuks. that was awesome,,

Dan. hmmmm here smells one kind,,

chuks. is that not blood on Tony’s bed??

I looked at my bed,, there was really a dry blood at the side of my bed sheet,, oh what should I tell them now,,

Dan. tony what happened??

me. oh I felled down at the pitch this morning,, and I injured my back,, so I lied dia to rest when I returned,, because I was hiding the injury from amina,, but its just a slight injury,, and it must have locked up,,

chuks. really,, hope you are OK share,,

me. yes.

Dan. tony can I see your back,, ?? let’s see how big the injury was,

me. no danero, its nothing just a slight injury,, forget it,,

seems God was at my side,, the blood discussion just went dead and nobody talked about it again,, you know God was really at my side,, because my room mates I know will never give up if they didn’t seeing the injury,, yes I made a promise to them that I will never hide anything from them,, but I can’t just tell them that the blood was amina’s virginity blood,, or start telling them that I had sex with amina,, no nah,, that should be stupidity,,

————-> ADVICE FROM FAMOUS <—————
Your partner that trust you might tells you something really private and asks you not to tell anyone. This is absolutely a contract you cannot breach. Failing to respect your partner’s wishes could mean the demise of the relationship, especially if word gets out.
“You shouldn’t tell your friends any secrets or private things your partner entrusts in you,”,,
Because if your partner ever finds out that you shared something that he/she entrusted in you, he/she will never trust you again with anything else that he/she holds near and dear to his/her heart,”
Sometimes it’s okay to consult your friend when you’re not sure who’s in the wrong. However, telling them about every single tiny argument you have with your partner can’t end well.
“You shouldn’t tell your friends about every single fight you get into with your partner, “If you do, it will start to taint how they feel about him/her, and they’ll just try to get you to break up with him/her.
It’s best to keep some of the smaller arguments to yourselves. Plus, you should be able to work it out with your partner without the aid of your friends.
If you’re experimenting with sex for the first time, it’s totally natural to have questions that you want to ask your friend. Remember, though, that divulging every single detail of these intimate happenings between you and your partner can take away from the importance you should be placing on these occurrences. After all, having sex with someone you deeply care about doesn’t happen all the time.
“I know so many like to kiss and tell, but you shouldn’t tell your friends about your sex life,”
if you do tell one of your friends about your sex woes (or intimate details about your partner’s body and abilities) and you happen to get in a fight with said friend, those dirty details you spilled could get back to your partner. Now that would be awkward.,,
“You shouldn’t gush and brag all the time to your single friends about how great your partner and relationship are,” . “Being in love and in a great relationship can be one of the most amazing things. But it’s important to be sensitive to your friends who are single and not in a relationship right now.”
Remember when you were single and one of your friends was totally infatuated with her partner? You had to hear about it all the time, and after a while, you were a bit fed up. Chatting about something adorable your partner did is fine from time to time, but don’t go overboard. you should be considerate of your friends’ feelings.
finally, Relationships are awesome, but with them come some expectation of privacy. After all, would
you want your partner sharing every detail with his or her buddies? We didn’t think so. Honor your partner by keeping the intimate aspects of your relationship just that – intimate.

——————>back to our story<—————–
anyway I thanked God for helping me this time, but another gbege dey shaa,, the bedsheets and the blood,, all school bedsheets must be submitted to the school laundry house early tomorrow morning before leaving the school,, how am I going to get through that,, anyway when we get to that bridge we will cross it,, I changed the bedsheets and inserted another one, as I waited for chuks who is already in the bath room,, after him Dan entered,, then me,, after taking my bath I can’t back to the room only to meet my guys already on there beds trying to catch some sleeps,, me I don’t tell have time to sleep now,, I have many calls to answer,, miss Ade, miss Sandra,, that two is more than many calls,, I gently opened the door as I step out heading to miss sandra’s house with only on aim,, (no more shit) yes I know you all will be wondering why I decided to answer her,, after that last WhatsApp chat,, though I didn’t reply her when she asked to see me,, but after the chat I decided to go see her,, atleast to make it clear to her this last time that I will never be what she wanted,,

I got to her door,, knocked!!! it took a little time before she answered the door,, she seems so surprised to see me,, I stepped in,, and greeted her,, my government teacher mr Titus olumide was in there,he was a young boy of about 26 years old,, he is tall and handsome but very wicked, he was also surprised to see me at miss Sandra place,, with the look on their eyes I already know what was going on

me. good afternoon sir,

Mr titus. is this not tony?? wow tony am proud of you,, you really did well on your government exam,, and also at the debate hall yesterday day ,, congratulations for your victory dear

me. thank you sir,,

mr titus,. welcome dear,, seems you are here to see miss sandra??

miss Sandra. yes I called him here,, to also congratulate him and also get him a gift,, but I have been busy I didn’t even remember to buy a gift for my boy,,

Mr Titus. wow that so lovely of you,, I will also buy a gift for the whole of their class for the victory but that will be beginning of next term,,

miss Sandra. yea I will also do that,, but you know tony is my favourite student of this school,, so I wanted to give him special,,
OK tony just go now and come back later dear,, I will make sure I gat something for you OK,,

me. OK ma,,

I left her house


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