amina was about to open hers when the prefect came by to announce his result to us,,

prefect. which of you guys is ahead of me??

me. how??

prefect. among you all here ,, one of you must have been the strong head blocking my way,, so which of you??

amina. I don’t still get you tunde,, what do you mean??

prefect. I got the second position,, who among you took the first from me,,

every one was quiet surprised,, I looked at amina who looked a little bit worried,, maybe amina got the first position,, then what must I have gotten,,

chuks. tony open yours let’s see,,

flora. yes,, let’s see your own tony,,

me. no,, amina open yours first,,

amina. nooo am scared,,, tony do us the favour,,

we dragged this for sometime,, in a playful way,, everyone really wanna see who got down between us,, this went on and on till amina decided to open her own first,, she was a little bit uneasy while she gently open her result,, screaming so loud,, she got the first position,, I was so happy for her,, but I felt a little disappointed for my self,, the 1st,2nd,3rd, position has been taken, were must I have fallen,, amina lost her happiness immediately seeing me in a disappointed mood,,

Dan. tony open yours let also see,, maybe you got 15th,,

everyone laughed,,

me. among the position I would have made,, all has been taken remaining 4th,, so no need to open my result,, I got 4th,,

amina. its a lie,, open it let us see,,

me. no need, you , tunde and chuks has beaten me this term,, let’s wait for next term,,

everybody laughed but amina still insisted I open my result in front of everyone,, I handed the result to her to open by her self,, she opened it and shouted again,, attracting other students,, everyone was surprised,,

me. what is that,,

manda. what did he get??

prefect. amina tell us nah,,

Dan. give me let me see how my n—-r failed whole fully,,

at this stage,, I thought I also lost the 4th position,, amina hide the result shit from Dan,, as she step to were I was standing disappointed,, she hugged me so tight with her whole body,, everywhere became cool at amina’s drama,, me too I became so cold,, what is she doing,, is she like consoling me or what,, after about 30seconds,, she let loose of me as she joyfully announced in her loudest voice,,

amina. he also got the 1st position,,

chuks. what??

Dan. how come??

prefect. its a lie,, give me you both result, let me check again,,

I didn’t believe that either,, I thought amina was just playing until the prefect confirmed it by him self,, that’s when I took my result to see with my two eyes,, I felt so happy again,,
but still confused how this happened,, not really only me,, everybody was,,
after a long time of being confused,, we all thought and decided we will have to go see the dean and ask him why it happened that way,,

we go to the dean office, knocked and he asked us to come in,, we went in,, greeted him,,

dean. to what do I owe this sudden visit from the champions,, prefect tunde speak up,,

prefect. sir we are having a little difficulty here,, so we decided you help us solve it,,

dean. OK bring it on,,

he collected the results from us and handed it over to the dean,, who cross checked it,,

dean. is this the problem??

prefect. yes sir,,

dean. this happens sometimes,, when two peoples scores the same point, like 50/50 on their exams,, they will both be giving the same position,, like in the football,, if Chelsea and Manchester united played 1-1 draw on a the england premier league,, the 3points that is supposed to be awarded to the winner ,will be shared 1point to the both side,, and the remaining 1point will be giving to the official, but if its on a cup match,, they might be giving a penalty shootout to find the winner or they might be giving a chance to play again next time,, that’s the same thing here,, but amina and tony couldn’t be giving a text or another exam to write,, because school is equally different from football,, as you can see here,, they got the same mark in all the exams,, so no one could be cheated,, that’s why its like this,, though this is the first time this is happening in this school and it has been recorded,, and will be soon called a history,,

prefect. thank you sir,,

me and amina looked at each other in a happy way,, they we hid it immediately to avoid others knowing

dean . congratulations tony and amina,, you guys have successful entered the battle of no giving up,, make sure you hold this and never give up,, fight on and don’t let anyone loose,, that my advice,,

many things has really happened today,, first amina’s virginity and second same result,, I must confess am being much in love with this girl,,

we left the principal office feeling so happy ,,

Amanda. so tunde you see, the both joined hand to push you to the second place,,

amina. let’s go take some snacks,,

flora. hmmmmmmm which snacks ,, just say you both want to treat us to celebrate your twin result,,

chuks. hahahahahah, twin result,, or love result,,

prefect. hmmm am speechless ooo,, I never believed this kind of thing ooo,, so amina cant even leave 1point for tony to be the 1st alone or tony leaving 1point for amina to be the first alone,,?? am still confused ooo,,

flora. tunde assuming amina or tony dropped a point,, you know you wouldn’t have smelt that second position right??

prefect. yes ,, anyway its even better you guys didn’t loose any point for each other,,

everyone laughed,,


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