I woke up very early the next morning,, the principal has asked to see all the students representing the school on the ongoing governors cup that morning around 7am at the pitch,, ,, so I woke up around so early,, brush up,, wore my cardigal as I set of for the pitch,, I was a little bit late,, but I didn’t miss anything because the principal entered the same time with me,, I quietly sat down like my fellow students as the principal began,,

principal. good morning students ,,

we all. good morning sir,,

principal. I know you couch must have brief you all about the changes on the ongoing governors cup,, first of all I want to thank you all for your great contributions that helped to reach this level,, its actually the first time we are reaching this level on this competition,, and am happy you guys made it possible,,
the governors cup competition continues as your all goes for you holiday,, so yesterday I discussed this with your parent and they have given us a go ahead permission to our plans, so am here personally to also discuss this with you all,,
our plans is this,, you guys have 3 matches to play before the end of your holidays,, so we have decided you all will have to be here for your training every week of your match,,
let me break this,, the matches are usually played every Saturday’s,, so if your match falls in next Saturday,, on the first Sunday of the week,, the school buses will go around your homes to pick your guys to here,, after you guys will be here for the week,, train and get ready for your match,, after the match on Saturday,, the drivers will also drop you guys to your various home on the next Sunday,, I hope you understand now,,

we all. yes sir

principal. so any objections??

we all. no sir,,

principal. OK thanks to you all for accepting to this. your food will be taken care of and you guys will also have a special lodge here in the school,, I know you will feel lonely because everywhere will be so calm,, but remember this is for all of us,, thank you,, and goodlucks,,

I can’t believe my uncle also accepted this,, but what could I say shaa,, I love that too,,
I left the pitch not after the very advice from the couch,, on getting home, time checked 9a.m ,, chuks and Dan wasn’t in,, amina was on top of my bed,, she showed this sign of happiness immediately she saw me,,

amina. were have you been??

me. remember the Principal asked to see the players this morning,,

amina. oh I forgot,,

me. were is chuks and Dan,,

amina. out with flora and manda,,


I got to the bathroom not after kissing NY baby on her cheek,, I took my bath,, came back on my towel,, was about to go to the wardrobe for my cloth when amina suddenly stood up,, went to the door and locked it,, she headed for me,, I was so lost when her voice got me back,,

amina. you know after today it will be so difficult for us to see each other again,, chuks and Dan has gone to the pitch with manda and flora to play,, I told them we will be coming over when you returns,, tony I want you to make me feel like a woman now,,

I was still standing like a three when she came to me and planted a kiss on my lips,, I kissed back,,our lips was still locked till she felt down to the bed,, I gently removed her top,, she was wearing a red bra,, I removed her skirt she was Also on red pant,, she just lied down looking at me as I undid her bra and let loose of her small portable boobs,, I started feeding on them,, and she started shaking,,

actually I don’t really know how to go on this virginity of a thing,, but I just have to use my brain,, and I also have to be fast with her to avoid my room mates coming back to look for us,,

I immediately left her breast as I pulled down her pants and I let them fall on the bed,, her kitty was clean and well shaved,, I raised her legs as I place my tongue on her c–t,, she started moaning silentely,, I s—-d her kitty just to make her more wet,, she didn’t moan loud,, she was just enduring it because student might her her moan,, when I was done with her kitty,, I gentle asked,, baby are you sure you are ready for this?? she nodded her head to give go ahead other,,

then I removed my towel to reveal my johnthomas, she saw it and demanded to touch it,, so I let her,, she touched it with fears on her eyes,,

me. baby don’t you think its early for this,, let stop this please,,

amina. please tony don’t stop now,,I want you to do it,, I want you to make me happy,,

I proceeded my journey ,, I came to her laps she opened it so wide for me,, then I placed my johnthomas on her entrance as I gently slide in for the first time, it didn’t enter well,, it seems as it something held it,I tried pushing it, she opened her mouth,, and closed it,, I removed it immediately and inserted it again this time with a little bit force,, she opened her mouth again as my johnthomas entered her half way,, I saw tears fall down her cheek, I removed my johnthomas as I saw some bloods on it,, , I wanted to stop but she held my hand and asked d me to continue,, so I obeyed and continued

I gently slide in the third time,, this time it went it normal, so I started going in and out of her very gently and careful,, I think she started enjoying it as she held me so tight to her,, i increased my pace and she followed up,, she was really enjoying it,, she was moaning silently,, I added another another speed to my pace,, as I was going in and out of her freely ,, she held me so tight as she witnessed her first organism,, she became weak,, so I stopped and left her to the bath room,, I took another bath,, and tied my towel,, I came back to see her clad to her cloths,,

amina. thank you baby,, thank you for making me happy,,

me. its OK ,, you are so sweet,, I hope youvare not injured,

amina. I cannot be injure when you are the one that did it,, you took so care of me,, why will I be injured,, remember,, you will do it again tonight,, that was so good,, I can’t believe that has been what I was really missing all my life,,

me. no baby,, you have to get your self together before we will do it again,, your body is torn now,, so u need some days for it to come together before you will be able to do it again,,
don’t worry my love we will be seeing during the holidays,,

I think she bought what I said as she just accepted,, I wore my cloth as we set out to look for others,, we didn’t find them at the pitch so we decided to go look for the prefect for our result,, its 10.15 already,, we find the prefect at our class,, all the student were there ,, both chuks, Dan, manda, and flora,, we enters and seat quietly,, the prefect shared the result to everybody,,
Dan first opened his own,, he got the 6th position followed by manda who got the 9th position,, flora got the 5th position while chuks got the 3rd position,, they were so happy
amina opened his own ……


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