she found her way to my Zuma rock,, immediately her hand touched my johnthomas ,, amina voice called my name from my head,,i immediately got my self back,, I stopped all i was doing,, I remembered amina must have been looking for me everywhere ,, I pushed shade off my body immediately,, as I ran off the room,, she was very surprised,,

on getting to our room I hit another big surprise,,, chuks, Dan, amina, Amanda, and flora,, was in the room,, I know you will also be surprised on how they were able to enter the room,, yes we got all that freedom today,, the ss1 class was also given the freedom to enter any room of a fellow student,, bear it male or female,, but with a good intention,, we can now visit each other,, that was part of what we have been fight on that debate,,

I was surprised,, so I quickly pull my self together as I step in,, amina can and hugged me,, she also kissed me in front of everybody for the first time,, though I was a bit nervous but I have no choice than to kiss back,,

Amanda and flora congratulated me,, since am the only one they have not seen since after the debate,, I relaxed as I forgot what I just passed on at miss Ade place,, we all gist and talked about the debate,, the freedom and so on,, at around 2pm,, they decided to go in and have a rest,, while we also have ours,,

I woke up around 5.30, went to the bathroom,, fresh up and came back,, I picked my phone and switched on,, there was too many congratulations even from unknown numbers,, ,, I replied them all,, till I got to shade,,

——->>>WhatsApp chats<<<———
shade. why were you so childish tony??

me. don’t ever try that again,,

shade. try what??
anyway I told my sister,, that u remembered you have to meet up with your class members,, that’s why you left,, because she was really asking why you left without telling her,, so you know what to say ook

me. OK thank,, are u still there??

shade. no I already left with my dad,, dont know you hate me this much,, am regrating having a feel for you,,

me. what,, feelings for who,, ??

shade. you,, I think I love you,,

me. me?? no no please shade don’t love me,, I don’t have any feeling for you??

shade. what? why did you kiss me?? why did you have to take me to that extent if you don’t love me,, tony don’t break my heart,, without you I will not be able to be happy,, even for a second??

me. is that how you love?? what happened today was just mistake and will never repeat it self again,, you barely knew me,, how can you fall in love with me,,

shade. tonyyyyyyyyy..

me. shade I think I should end all this now,, I have a girlfriend and I love her soo much,, can’t afford to hurt her,, please I can’t do what you want ,,

after I sent that,, I rushed and blocked her,, because I don’t want to ready of her chats again,,

miss Ade. tony what’s the meaning of what you did today??

me. what ma??

(10 minutes later)

miss Ade. you just left without telling me,, or even waited for me to return,, did you know what I called you for??

me. am sorry ma, I have to run off,, I have to meet my prefect and other of my class mates,,

miss Sandra. congratulations tony,, you really made my day today,,

me. thanks ma,,

miss Sandra,, can you come over I have a gift for you,,

me. (ignored )

miss ade . OK no problem,, see me tomorrow before 12p.m

me. OK ma,,

you know one thing I like about miss Ade,, is that she understands,, miss Ade is someone who have invented all her trust in me,, she was so calm and respectful,,
I was on whatsapp till it’s 7.pm by then chuks and Dan was already up,, we took our bath got dressed for our party tonight,, we got the hall at exactly 8pm,, everywere was already filled with students,, I and chuks we located the seats that was arranged for the champions,, I sat down,, not quiet long,, amina and her friends entered,, they looked very sweet tonight,, seems they wore there best dress tonight,, I was so happy seeing my baby amina
looks so beautiful,, she came and sat beside me,,

the party started immediately after the principal speech with the sharing of soft drinks and foods,, I must say st Charles is really the best school I have ever seen in Nigeria,, the teachers communicates with the student like we are all the say,, we set our own party anytime to celebrates our selves,, we do our own thing our own ways,, that’s why I love the school,, after eating and drinking to our satisfaction,,
the party went off around 10pm as we all retired for our various rooms,,


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