everyone stood up,, and applaud me non-stop,, my fellow student was shouting in happiness,,

principal. good day ladies and gentlemen,, I know you all are very happy,, because am also happy,, I am happy because this children has made me happy,, am happy because am seeing the example of what we are teaching them,, I am happy because this children always makes me happy,,
today is the most happiest day of my life,, because I was here today to witness all this,, we have finally come to the end of this edition of st Charles debate competition,, we all have seen how it went,, and now we will now leave the judges to give us the winners of this competition,, thank you,,

everywhere was calm and cool as everyone awaits for the result to be announced,,
my amina was really smiling to me,, but I wasn’t concentrating,, I was really scared,, we might loose and this her smile will turn to cry,, I saw miss Ade at the teachers seats,, she was really happy,, she saw me and was also smiling at me,, I also saw shade and she was also smiling at me,, my uncle was also doing the same at the v.I.p seats,, I just put my face down not replying any smiling to any of them,, not quit long the judge came up,,

judge. good day once again to everyone,, today I am mostly honoured to bring the result of this debate competition to you all,, or should say ,, I am most honoured to announce that the winner of this edition of this st Charles debate competition is ……………… the s……s……1 class,, congratulations……….. you made it,,

everywhere became noisy as all my class members started celebrating it,, amina quickly ran to me and hugged me,, she was very happy,, all my class mates just ran to were we are and was really celebrating us,, the noise was too much,, everyone was very happy,,

principal. congratulations ss1class,, am proud of you all,, today you have gotten all the right to enter the library with no question asked,, you have been granted freedom to do anything good,, you have be given the authority to disciplines your junior ones in a good way,, you have also been giving the authority to make use of the lab any day any time,, and many more freedoms has been granted to you all,, this and all last from today,, till the end of next term,, win it again next term to continue your regime,, a party will hosted for the ss1 class tonight here in the school,, all student must attend ,, congratulations once again,,

dean of study. good afternoon student,, congratulations to the ss1 class,, students we all know you have missed your parents,, but remember to keep the school rules of the school,, no one is allowed to talk or see his or parents today,, today is Friday,, you only have tomorrow to stay here,, and on Sunday,, you parents will come and pick you up,, for the Holidays,, your school result comes out tomorrow,, go to your class prefect to collect yours from 10.am tomorrow morning,, thanks congratulations once again to ss1 class,,

miss Ade came to me and asked me to come to her house now,, amina was with her friends and miss Sandra also came up to congratulate me,, I was very happy,, Dan and chuks was right with me,, prefect called all of us the debate crew to come to our usual meeting place for a brief meeting,, we all left the pitch for our meeting class,,

prefect. thank you all,, I know you all will sure make us proud ,, am very happy,, tony you are great,, and amina,, your first movement was amazing,, you really showed the greatness,, thank you,, and thanks to all of you,, you all will never be forgotten in my heart, thank you all in any way you have contributed to this,, , now a prefect with a title,, now you all will go to you room have rest let’s meet at our party tonight,,

we left for our rooms to rest,, but I excused my self from chuks and Dan as I headed for miss Ade place,, got there,, knocked on her door,, she opened it and I saw one man with shade seating in her seating room,, I greeted her and I went in and also greeted the man,,

man. is this not the boy that presented the last debate for the ss1 class??

shade. yes dad he is,,

miss Ade. dad this is tony,, the most brilliant boy in this school,, he is good in everything human can do,, he is just perfect,,
tony this is my one in a million father,,

me. good afternoon sir,,

Mr Ade. shade, is this not the tony you told me about?? the one that is because of him u agreed to acompany me here??

shade. yes dad he is,,

Mr Ade.,, come, come my son,,(hand shake,) you are really wonderful,, you speech today was really the best among all,, you are indeed brilliant, keep it up,,

me. thank you sir,,

miss Ade. tony I was about taking my dad to the principal,, please relax and wait for me OK,, shade will keep you company,,

me. OK ma,,

miss ade left with her father to the principal office,, shade followed them to lock the door,, immediately she came back she bounced on,, with a hot kiss that lasted for not long,,

shade. wow that was amazing,, am proud of you tony,, you really did well today,,

me. thank you,,

shade. thank you too for the kiss,,you don’t know how long I have craved for this your lips??

she came close and our lips meet again,, this time in a very hot way,, I found her boobs and was really massaging it,, she started moaning ,, I pulled her shirt,,she was wearing a blue bra,, and her boobs was so beautiful,, I feel like chopping them immediately,,

she helped remove my shirt also and I was left with singlet,,my hand travel to her down region as I located her pant,, from the side I plugged in my finger to her kitty ,, she opened her mouth and shut it immediately,, as I started fingering her,, she was moaning and calling my name…..


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