fear was clearly writing in the face of all of us, both the jss3 students,, amina stood to be the first to debated,, chuks was the third and I was the last,, we all sat down,, everywhere became calm as the jss3 class began with a boy as the first to debate,, he greeted the the everybody,, then began his speech in a well kept way,, he was really more than what I expected,, he made out all his points and broke them pieces, he he was still blowing grammar when his time got exhausted,

everybody applauded him noisy,, well he was good,, and his long speech even brought us to more fear,, but we have to move on shaaa,, amina came up,, she wore a little smile on her face that made everybody to really calm down,, as she started,, she started from praising the fathers,, bringing out the good importance of the fathers in the family,, then she quickly switched to the mother’s, there she began the speech she presented to us at the at the meeting,, yes she really started offline,, because she never presented her today’s headline to us,, but that was really great and amazing, the way she joined the both,, at the start everybody thought she was fighting against mothers,, but at the end she broke it down and bring the mother ahead,, she made the best important of the mothers,, from her headline about fathers she was able to bring out the best importance of mothers,,, her speech was not that long but the best,, she finished before her time,,
almost everyone stood up and applauded ,,, at the V.I.P seats ,, one woman kept on clapping non-stop even before amina ended her speech,, she seems very happy,, I guest she was her mum,,

the debated went on and on,, very hot,, chuks was also very well,, his parents really showed the crowed that they are his parents when he finished,, that was really lovely that I never forgot even for one day,, the way his mum stood up from the crowed and shouted > THAT IS MY BABY BOY<

after him,, the jss3 class continued throwing the bomb to us,, but this time around with fear,, I think we are really above them,, because from what I saw the our class were really more prepared,, but let me not judge now,, this continued until it gets to me,, I walked up with a lot of braveness ,, ready to conquer

me. good day ,, my principal, my judges, our parents ,my co-debaters and my fellow students,,

my name is onyejena Anthony and I am here to support the motions that says,, MOTHERS ARE MORE IMPORTANT IN A FAMILY THAN FATHERS,,

Different people may have different opinions about it, like it is really happening here today,, but for me, it is undoubtedly the mother. But surely, everyone knows it has to be a united effort of both the parents to raise a family, but still there, the mother contributes more than the father. This bonding with the child is mostly due to the mother carrying the child in her womb for a good 9+ months, which attaches both of them emotionally.
A mother has an undetectable bond with her child, unlike many fathers. She always does her best, to make her family happy. Mothers always sacrifice a lot, for the happiness of her husband and children. She can have a job, and still take care of everything else, from cooking, looking after the children, maintaining the house. Fathers usually go to jobs, and return home for dinner, and that’s usually the case in almost every family. Yes, fathers do care about their children, but cannot do many things, like the mother can to her child. When a child is emotionally hurt, or confused, it is the mother he goes to for answers, and to feel good about them. The mother also has a deep emotional attachment with her children, unlike the fathers. A child does need both the parents to grow up, at different stages of his life, but even in an unfortunate case of having a single parent; he/she would always prefer their mother over father.
We can even see this in nature, in the wild. The males leave the females after having children to mate with other females. Yes this is harsh, but it is a circle of life. Often this is the case with humans. In the worst case scenario, if there is a divorce between the mother and father, the mother most likely gets the custody of the child. Simply because, everyone knows that a mother will do everything in her power to raise her child in the best possible way she can. They often remarry to have someone as a father figure to the child, to look after her child. Whereas if a child had a single parent, and it was his father, it would be the opposite, the father would most definitely marry another woman, and they may have kids, and the first child would be neglected, as often this is the case in this harsh world. A mother would never neglect her child, except in special cases if she is mentally ill etc. But those are rare cases.
so mothers are most definitely the more important figure in the raising of a family. Yes, some people have a better bond with their father than their mother, but these situations are rare. But mothers and fathers should try to put their differences aside to raise their child the best they can. But even then, parents get separate. Although a child needs both his parents to have a good upbringing, the mother can do a better job if single, with her child than the father. She is next to nothing for a child, and this is why we all love our mothers, maybe a bit more than we do our fathers. If we check very well in the family today,we discover that mothers are very caring when it comes to parental care.They wouldn’ t want anything to hurt their child even when the child is old enough to care for him(her)self.But the fathers don’ t care.Some even go to the extents of not training ,,
mothers knows when her child is sick,,
mothers knows when her child is hungry,,
mothers knows when her child is battling with thought,, and she asks and help solve problems for the children,,
most children were always scared of the fathers,, so they share anything with there mother for a better help,,
children always have special sign with the with their mothers that fathers can’t identify,,
most children prefers playing with mum that dad,,
so to my conclusion I think mummies are more important in a family than fathers,,


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