chuks woke me up around 2pm, I was so surprise to see amina seating beside beside me,, she was smiling, I rubbed my face again to make sure it wasn’t a dream,, I stood up, went straight to the bathroom without talking to her,, I washed my face,, then came back to meet my baby on my bed,
but chuks already left,,

I came to her kissed her,, after the kissed we talked, from about how we are going to miss each other during the holiday,, to how we are going to be meeting, and how this coming final debate will be, we even talked about how we are going to build our future together, she told me that if we get married, that she will never let our children to grow up in nigeria,, we talked about how many children we will have,

well she suggested we have 4, 2boys,, 2girls, while I suggested having only 3children, 2girls and 1boy,, she don’t really like the idea, so we dragged on that till I decided to go with her idea,, we kissed again and played more, she wanted to bring up the sex issue again,, but I totally shot her down,,, around 4pm, we talked about the meeting with the class members, over the debate, I asked her If her presentations were ready, she responded by nodding her head,,

she asked if I would love to hear it,, “do you need to do that now,, you will present it in 30mins time, so no need, because I will also hear it then” I said,, at about 4.20 chuks came in and we all left for the meeting,

at the meeting everybody presented there works, and it’s was so amazing,, because most of us were really defending our own mother on this case,, everyone was really tell the story base on experience,, everybody really loves his or her mother, more than his or her father,, each and every of our presentations looked really because it’s from experience,

Prefect. you all are good on this, remember we fight for our mothers tomorrow, don’t ever let your mum down, you know our mothers will be here tomorrow,, show them how you really loved them, show your mum how you value her,, make her happy tomorrow, don’t let the jss3 win for the father’s, yes we love our father’s, but we still value our mother more than our father,, let’s work more hard tonight,, we meet here tomorrow morning at 7.am to re-present our works again, so we can choose the peoples that will represent us on this final,, remember if you get choosed, you are choosed to represent our beloved class members,your are choosed to fight for our beloved mothers, you are choosed to make all the women’s on this world happy,, so work more harder so your mother will be happy to see you, speak on her behalf tomorrow,, thank you,

I was very happy, from the prefect speech, but I felt anger when I remember that my mum is not in lagos, and will not attend, but my uncle and his wife will surely be here tomorrow, I think amina noticed when she held my hand, she is always there for me,

we went home at around 6pm. then on my heart I promised my self really fight for my beloved mum,, so I cancelled my presentation,, as I began to write a new one based the knowledge, experience and love I have ever received from mum,,Not that my formal presentation wasn’t good,, but I wanted to be the best tomorrow, all for my mum,,

Chuks noticed I was writing a new one,, but he didn’t comment on that, he just left after standing for a while,, I finished my new presentation before the dinner time,, I was on the rehearsal when the dinner bell came,, so I drop it for the dinner.,,

——» at the dinner hall «——–

form master, good evening all,,

Students. good evening sir,,

form master. as you all know, tomorrow being Friday, is the final day of our school debate competition, your parents were invited as usual, the final takes place at the school pitch, and we always do it, students chairs has been separated from the parents chairs, you come to the field and seat according to your classes,, remember students are not allowed to meet with their parents on or before the debate competition, so you all are advised to follow the rules,
all students must be in there class day wear, and must be quietly seated before 10.30am.
For the peoples that will be on the hot seat tomorrow, remember your parents will want to see the best in you,, thank you,

students. thank you sir…

after the dinner, I went home straight not even talking to anybody, because I need to rehearse and get my new work installed on my head, for tomorrow,,

dan. tony why are you in that hurry,,

me. I changed my presentation, so I need to start working on it,,

chuks. but why do you have to do that,, the one you presented today was very good,, everyone was so happy on that,,,

Me. the prefect speech today made me to understand that I dont need the very good presentation for my mum, but the best,, so I changed it,,

Chuks. I pray this present one will really be the best,, please read for us,


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