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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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I got to miss ade office but she wasn’t in, I turned and headed back to louge, I was still on my way when I saw amina, seating alone on a school bench busy reading one novel, I saw her first and noticed she was busy with the novel on her hand,then avoided her, i was trying to walk pass her, thinking she didn’t see me, when I suddenly hear her voice speaks,
Amina. Tony were you trying to avoid me??
Me. No dear I saw you are busy, with you novel so I avoided disturbing you,

Amina. Tony don’t lie to me, you have been avoiding me for so long, and it always seems if am forcing my self on you just to talk to you,
Me. noo don’t think that dear, just understand,
Amina. Understand what, understand that you snubbs me everywere, understand that you ignore my presence or understand that you always hate seeing me, who do you even think you are,? The most handsome boy here or the most intelligent boy, or do you think you are the only guy that has gone to the seminary school?? Please take your novel and go to hell,,
My mouth was agap for 2minutes, before I noticed that she is no longer there with me, I picked up my novel and headed back to my room with much anger buzzing me,

After heard some students shouting and making noise , I woked up noticing that I have been sleeping after my encounter with amina, I checked the time it was 7mins pass 4, jesus I shouted, I wore my red track with my man united jersey and ran off to the field, on getting to the field, I saw that all the students were all gathered around the 4corners of the pitch, I saw our team on one side, 14player kitted on the school home match jersey, then I saw my couch looking at me with one angry eyes, I went to were he was standing and greeted him,
Me. goodevening sir
Couch. What is good about this evening, look at the time you are appearing here, a player what are you doing inside, do you take your self for ronaldo or drogba, I don’t do with unserious players like you, I do things with time, please go and seat down let me not get more angry for you,
After the couch left, my day became worst, then I remembered all amina told me and all the couch just said and I felt like crying, I find a seat and seat with other students to watch the match, me match started at 4.30 pm, in the pitch our vistors Dominated the ball position, beating our players, dribbling and passing to each other, after 15mins our students became disapointed cus our players in the pitch are not doing any good, they sored at the 30 mins winning us 1.0 and everybody became more frustrated, at the end of first half, the score was 2.0. We lost all hopes, after the rest all players went back to resume the second half,
Then they started after 5mins our couch made the first change, I put the guy that played 7 for me on the training in the morning, he entered and started at the 10 position, he was so strong that he arrenge the midfield, now the game position became 50/50, our visitors changed 2players at once, our couch called me and asked me to to kit, I did and did a little jugging then I got change with our no.9. I got to 9 and he switch the guy on 10 to 7 and we started, I moved from 9 to 11 cus 9 was dry, I got their and hustle for ball, and went I finally got the ball, I dribbled the guy next to me, take the ball on a litle race and fired a short which entered the net,on R2 style, I was soo happy that I run to the end of the pitch to celebrat, after the celebration, I went back to my 9 and started working hard to draw the game, we started playing them, my midfield not strong like rock, we pass and play and our students shouting with happiness, I got the ball again, move with it, and dribbled one guy, and fired another shot, but the goal keeper got it, and all our students shouted in excitment, the pass out the ball and we collected it, the they passed to my number7 he collected. Ball crossed it immiediatly with no delay, and I knodded to the net and it was a goal, now the score was 2.2 and its almost 6pm, time its not on our side, they passed and within some time they started playing us,my 9 became dry again, I went off 9 to hustle for ball, their striker flings a shot which got hitted at the bar, and bounced back, all student shouted, one of my play kicked the ball out and It landed on my leg, I took it on a counter attack, dribbled passed the last man and was already on the 18yard box,


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