amina. yes I stand with tony here,, we will not have to be getting scared while we have really made it to here,, we should getting ready to take over what is rightfully us,, and like he just said now,, all eyes are on us, so we need to do more greater,, we need this title, our class are depending on us,, we need to make them proud,, what we should be doing now is getting really ready for the crown and not being scared for our juniors,, thank you…

prefect. yes, I think this two has really encouraged me,, anyway the title is already ours, and we can’t afford to loose it to anyone, the final comes up on Friday.. two days from now, so everybody go home, get prepared,, work hard, and come here tomorrow at the same time with your presentations.. on that final day,, we are supports the motion that says(MOTHERS CONTRIBUTES MORE IN A FAMILY THAN FATHERS) thank you,,

we all went home around 5.30pm,, I switched on my phone to chat.

——-»whatsapp chats«——–

shade. hey tony what’s the result??

me. we made it to the finals,, thanks to God,

miss sandra. tony I don’t want to be bad to you, I just want to be good,, please am sorry for today,, I don’t really know what came over me,,

me. it’s ok ma,, it’s nothing,,


miss ade. work hard,, remember we have a deal,, don’t loose to a woman..

me. trust me, even if am gonna loose not to you..

miss ade. lol, funny,, let’s watch and see..

me. hahaha God is with me ooo,,

miss ade. I know..

me. don’t challenge the Gods..

shade. wow that’s great, am so happy for you,,

me. thanks. hope you are still coming..

shade. yes ofcus,, I want you to win tony,,

me. with God all things are possible.

shade. Yea,, my sister,, how is she?

me. fine,, was with her today

shade. she likes you so much,, she always like intelligent peoples,,

me. but am not.

shade. am not gonna argue that with you,, let’s wait till that debate final,, I will tell you if you are.

me. ok…

amina. tony how are you?

me. Fine and you.

Amina. fine. were are you?

me. in our room.

amina. is chuks there with you??

me. no,, he has been out, I haven’t seen him since we came from the meeting,,

amina. I think he is with amanda..

me. is she not in??

amina. no,,

the next day I went for training very early in the morning, though I slept late, because I was making up my presentations for the debate,, got to training a little bit late,, I just kit and join other in running,, the couch later called us together,,

couch. good morning once again to you all,,

players. good morning couch,,

couch. I know you all got what I sent to you yesterday.

player. yes couch.

couch. please read it very carefully and make sure you understands it. ok,,

players. Ok sir..

couch. you all should share your selves according to your wings, let’s play today,,

I scored no goal on today’s training,, the oposite side even won us self,, I strike but didn’t score,, and I think the couch wasn’t happy about it,, but he never wanted to show it,, anyway, I was so weak because of last night.. but I know by tomorrow, it will be over,, then I will fully come back to football,, I went home, meet my guys watching cloths,, dan also took my dirty cloths,,

I felt very happy seeing that,, this my room mates really loves me oo,, I dropped my kits, as I join them in spreading the cloths,, at about 10 minutes, we were done,

I went to the bathroom,, take my bath, wore my cloths and slept off..


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