I followed her to the room,, with my number six, and in mind to conquer what’s in her mind, I was a little bit scared, not that I dont want to do what she might demand,, but because of rule number 7, I want to keep fit,,

we entered her room,, she just went to her bag, open it and brought out some packages, she handed it over to me, I opened it right infront of her,, guest what I see!!! a new phone, at the top of the Carton was written, SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 , white Newly bought, I was very surprised and happy,, she collected it from me,, after I have admired it, and she said,

miss ade. that’s will be your,, soon,

me. how ma.

miss ade. this phone will officially become yours, if you can complete the two task ahead of you,,

me. which is??

miss ade. first, win the debate competition, and second get atleast the second place at the governors cup,, then this is yours,,

me. but all this are not by my power,, beside am not alone on this,, it’s not as if I want to loose,, but it’s like when you are trying to make it,, your fellows might not be trying as hard as you are,, and that might be a different story,,

miss ade. yes I know very well about that, and I also know very well that you can make it,, listen am not bribing you with this,, but I just need you to make me proud,, I just want you to achieve something,, focus and I know the stars will be your limit,,

me. you know ma,, I don’t really need a new phone now,, but on what you just said,, am scared I might win this phone from you,,

miss ade. then try and let’s see,,

we gist, laugh and laugh till I decided to get going,, though she never wanted me to go,, but I was also surprised and happy she didn’t have anything bad in mind,, she didn’t even think that way,, everything was just casual,, to me, miss ade is becoming more lovely,, she seems to be reading my mind,, and I love that,,

she saw me off to the door,,kissed me again and say goodbye,, I left her house heading to my lodge when I remembered I also had an appointment with miss sandra,, it’s around 3.15, so I diverted to miss sandra house, to know why she wanted to see me,, thinking she might not also have anything bad in mind,,

I got to her apartment, knocked and she opened the door, she was so happy to see me,, when I entered she jam the door, came to me,,

miss sandra. how are you tony..

me. fine ma and you,,

miss sandra. not really fine, but I think am fine now,, after seeing you,,


miss sandra. what can I offer you??

me. nothing ma,,

miss sandra. Ok maybe my lips will do,,

she stood up and was coming near me,, I lost my self immediately while looking at her, she was very charming,, I wanted to reject her, but I couldn’t find my voice,, she was coming more nearer seductively, her b–bs were bouncing up and down, seems she wasn’t wearing any bra,,

those two Melons of hers were really confusing me,, I was just looking at her like an a sheep,, she just pulled up my head and planted a hop kiss on my lips,, immediately I responded back forgetting all my plans,, I planed to change it for her,, but truthfully, her body was the buhari in my change,, her body was really changing it for me,,

like about 5minutes of kissing and romancing, she broked the kiss,, trying to unhook my belt,, when suddenly all my brain returned like nigeria nepa,, rule number 7 just hit my brain, gbagam!!!

I pushed her off my body as I stood up from the cushion I was seating on, “no ma please I can’t, and we have to stop this,, I don’t want to do this again please ma,, ”I said as,, turned immediately and left her apartment,, she was just standing in surprise when I vanished out of her house,,

got to my room, saw chuks and dan, playing card,

Dan. what is the matter?? why are you breathing so fast,,

me. nothing,,just that I ran from miss ade place to here, just to test how fast I can be on our next match,,

chuks. man am really dealing with dan here,, am beating him 13- 4,, I want to make it 20-5 to show him that we are not mates,,

me. hahahahahahah it’s going to be a pity that a pity man, dies in a pity way,,

Dan. who is the pity man?

me. he knows him self,,
chuks the card hero,, abeg do make it 20 jare, remember we have meeting for the debate today!!

chuks. eeeeeeeh! it’s true ooo,, what time is the meeting?

I sat down,, and narrated them what happened at miss sandra place,,

chuks. she is trying to use her money against you tony..

Dan. no I don’t think so,, miss ade is trying to use that to make tony to focus more,, I think that is good,, but Tony do you really need that phone??

me. till I win it…

—»@ the debate meeting«— (4.50 pm)

prefect. I know we all are happy the way things turned out,, and I know you all are ready for the task ahead,, since we started this competition, I have never felt any feelings of challenge for once, but today, I must confess that I am very scared of the what will happy at the final day,, but I say fear must not take over us,, we have started it and we must complete it,, I know right now you are a scared right??

all student. yes prefect,,

prefect. no need to fear, God will help us,, anybody want to say something??

me. goodevening my co-debaters,, I don’t really understand why we should be scared of this task ahead,, we have fought the lion and the elephants,, why must fear an ordinary lizard?? we all must remember one thing, we all started this in one heart,, and with a strong heart, why must we start fearing now that we are almost ready to open the door,, we are the only remaining senior class in this competition, and peoples are looking forward to what we will make out of it,,

and I don’t think we can make it if we continue being scared.. we are scared of our junior class, whom scared of us the senior,, what hope are we giving to our fellow class mates,, please let’s chase away the fear, work hard and pray, surely we will make it….


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