—-»whatsapp chats«—-

miss sandra. tonyyyyyyy..I wish you can come here now,, thinking about how you handled me the other day, makes me want to go crazy,, ..
I wish you can come and do it again…

me. do what again,, no ma, I can’t please let’s stop this at once,, please ma,, it’s not right!!

amina. transfer what?? noo nah, u know I will I can’t, it’s better I get sick,, while you stay healthy as my medications..

me. lol ok,,

amina. Eehe did you noticed anything today?

me. No,, like??

shade. hey tony you are here, how are you?

me. fine and you?

shade. fine. i heard your school are on debate competition??

me. yes,

shade. Ok I know you class is still on it,, or have you guys been knocked out??

me. noo, we are still on, it’s just that tomorrow will decide if we are getting a direct trip to the finals,,or have to battle more

miss ade. Ok tony no problem,, how have you been??

me. fine ma and you??

miss ade. not fine,,

me, why??

miss ade. how can I be fine,, while you have been avoiding me?? what did I really do??

me. avoiding you?? you know I can’t avoid you nah,, it’s just that I have been busy lately,, from football training to debate practice,,

shade. how do you mean tomorrow decides??

me. tomorrow the jss1 class meets the jss3 class,,if the jss3 wins the jss1 then we will have a free straight trip to finals,, but if it turns the other way round, then that means we will have to battle the jss3 if we must make it to the finals,,

shade. Ok, I pray you guys makes it to the finals,because I will love to see you blow grammar that day

me. how??

amina. on chuks and manda

me. abouth them?? how??

amina. I think they started dating today??

me. like seriously?? did manda told you??

miss ade. you did even think of coming by to help marking the exams or fill the results,, it’s not good ooo,,

me. am sorry ma,

miss ade. Ok,, no problem,, but promise me, you will come tomorrow after the debate,, I have something for you,,

me. Ok ma,, I promise,,

miss ade. heard you guys started the football training,, work hard ooo,, am counting on you,,

me. Ok ma,,

shade. my dad was invited on the finals,, so today he asked me to follow him that day,, you know I won’t say no nah,, because seeing you is my biggest dream,, and that’s my opportunity to see you,,

me. did you say seeing me is your biggest dream??

shade. Yea,, I just wish I can see you everyday since that last time I saw you,, and mind you I will have to be seeing you everyday during this holiday ooo,,

me. wrong shoot!!! I might remain in school during th holidays, because of the football training,,and the governors cup competition,,

shade. you are not serious right??

me. yes I am,, that was what my couch said today

amina. no she didn’t,, but she has been acting strange since this evening,, she seems happy,, and I noticed from the way they use to look at each other today,. they laughs at each other at every little spot

me. lol love doctor, though I noticed that ooo,, but I think they are just being more friendly and nothing more,,

amina. more friendly you said?? Ok what’s chuks doing now?

me. on his bed, smiling to his phone..

amina. you see what I told you,, manda is also here on her bed,, smiling to her phone, I think they are chatting,,
me. anyway,,if they decides to love each other, good, I support them,,

Amina. I will be so happy to see manda fall in love for the first time,, and also flora too,, cus they feels so lonely whenever I talks about you,,

you know very well that chuks already told me, that he told amanda about his love for her and she accepted,, but I don’t want to be the one to tell amina,, that’s why am like doing as if I don’t know,, but I know amanda will still tell her,

I was still on the whatsapp chat when the dinner bell sounded, I quickly powered off my phone as we headed to the school dinner hall,, after eating,, we went outside, at about the time,, I disappeared to meet amina at our usual place,, I got there before her,, but not so long she came,,

immediately she came, she just came to me and hugged me,, then planted hot kiss to my lips without saying a word,, I kissed back, the kiss became romantic,, she was really kissing me, as if her life depends on it,, then my hand started travelling,, I located her bo-bs and pressed it,, then she jumped up breaking the kiss,,

me. baby am sorry,, was that painful,

amina. no, I want to kiss you more,,

me. no baby, let’s stop.

amina, did you know why I called you here tonight??
it’s because tonight, I want to give you my virginity,, remember the other time, you declined it without a reason, but today I want you to take it, please to don’t say no,, this is my decision, please don’t decline it,, am giving it to you, not because I pity you,, or because I want you to love me more,, but because I want to give it to you,, because I also want to feel the sensation, because I also want to know how it feels..


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