me. Kul oo,, is Sammy in?

Tunde. yes come in,,
I went in to my surprise,, guest who I saw????

yes u guest right,, senior ivie,, she is on tundes bed,, though she shocked oo immediately she saw me ooo,, maybe she wasn’t expecting someone like me to be there by that time,, anyway that’s there story shaa,,

I went in and sat down at sams bed,, seems he was in the bathroom,, cus tunde called went there to inform him of my arrival,, I looked at senior ivie,, she was hiding her face from me, but you know me nah,, sure boy, I greeted her to let her know that I knew she was the one,,

me. senior ivie good evening oo

senior ivie. good evening tony,, long time,,

Sam cuts in.

Sam. hey tony whatsup,?

me. fine ooo,

Sam wore his cloth and we went out together leaving the two love birds together,,
we went to the pitch side,, there we saw chuks and amanda, so we sat down on the other bench near them,, while discusing about what the couch said today,, chuks and amanda seems not to have noticed us,, I think they are deliberating on a serious matter,, hmm maybe my guy is confessing his love shaa,, I don’t need to disturb them,,

Sam. so tony what do you think about what the couch said today?

me. guy I don’t think my uncle will agree to that,, so I think I might not be able to play again,,

Sam. what? hey that’s not possible nah, anyway I know how I can deceive my parents on that,, but please find a way ooo,, because me self can’t play without you,,

sam. is that not your room mate??

me. yes, chuks, he is with his friend nah,, I don’t need to disturb him,,

Sam. his girlfriend?

me. not yet,
but I think they are about to become those two we left in your room just now,,

Sam. laughed (very loud)

his laugh made chuks and amanda to look at us in surprise,

chuks. hey tony, I dont know you guys were here,

me. eiya, were is dan.?

chuks. you mean you didn’t see him?? all of us has been here,, ooo, have you also seen amina??

me. No am also looking for her,,

chuks. she is in here room, amanda said she is not feeling fine,, and that’s what dan went to our room to inform you,,

me. what!!! (quickly stood up, and went to amanda) manda what wrong with her?

amanda. I think it’s maleria,, she has been shivering since morning, and has been saying she wants to see you,, that’s why I came out alone to look for you, but dan promised to look for you,, that’s why am here,,

I did not even outer any other word to any body again,, I just turned, look at Sam, sign him with my hand that I will be back, as I quick took my hill to the females zone,,

I knocked at her door, guest who opened,?? Sam. he was there already,, I guest he is looking for me in there room,, I quickly went to were my amina baby was lining down,

me. baby what’s wrong,

Amina. tony are wrong with me, ,

me. (I felt a little bit relief, because she talked fine,)
me?? how? what did I do baby,?

amina. because I didn’t see you throughout yesterday, I felt sick,, but look now, you are here and am getting better already,,

I held her hand,, her body temperature was really high, her body was very hot,,
like a hot water boiling on a kettle,,

me. hey baby your body is very hot,, I think we have to go to the school clinic for some drugs,

amina. no, why should I go to the clinic while my drug is already here,, just kiss me and I will be fine

immediately, I place a very hot kiss on her lips without even minding if there is another person in the room,,

she kissed back,, and it lasted for 2minutes,,
after the kiss,, she asked me to help her up,, and I did, then she just went to the wardrobe, take some cloth and went to the bathroom,, I think to take her bath,,

Dan and her room mates seems very surprise at her,, the way they were looking at us..


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