chuks.. tony tony,, what help did you went there to render her???

me. she was cross shaking and finalising her results for all classes, so she called me up to help her on that,,

dan. see tony I trust u, but I don’t believe what you just said now, because your mouth and your eyes were not saying the same thing,,

me. Nooo m telling the truth, nothing went on like seriously, I just helped her that’s all,,

chuks. Ok why then did u first hit the bathroom immediately you entered here,,

me. because the weather is hot, and I felt much heat on my body that’s why,,

chuks. Hmmm let it be ooo,,

Dan. I don’t just believe you,,

chuks. you know tony why we are concerned is not because we are jealous or don’t want you to do anything you want, but because we are your friends, and we know the best for you actually, we want to be here in this school with you till we all graduates, we don’t want you to be disgrace and expelled from the school,, please don’t let the devil in miss sandra to use you,, she is very dangerous,,

Dan. and also remember how much amina loves you,, dont break her heart or hurt her because of miss ade and miss sandra,, beware tony..

me. I heard you guys,, but trust me,, am 100% free from miss sandra,,

I went to the bathroom, drop the formal cloth I wored and picked another one and put on,, went to my bed and lied down thinking about what dan and chuks just said,, I lied to them again,, I started having another secret for them today again,, God what’s my life turning to? what if what they fear happens to me? what will I tell my uncle, my parents, my mum that trusted me so much,, what will happen to amina that has given her whole heart and trust to me,,

now I cannot leave miss ade, because she really loves me, and give me anything I want,, miss sandra is now another problem to me,, she now threatens me, with miss ade,, but how did she really find out about me and miss ade, that’s my surprise,, I really thought we are on a low key,, but miss sandra already knows,,..

but yes maybe miss sandra and miss ade are together on this,, playing with me,, oh God I don’t know what to do,, where is my life heading to,, if I die today were would I be?? I was once a good boy,, but look at my life now,, I once love God before, but I now do things that hurts him,, could God ever forgive me? is this what I will become if I was able to be a priest??

no, I would still be in the seminary, by now, I wouldn’t have meet miss ade or miss sandra,, anyway this is all my dad’s fault, assuming he let me remain in the seminary this all wouldn’t have happened,,

I heard the sound of my name but I couldn’t even answer because I was far in thought,, till the person tapped on my legs,..

Dan. tony I have been calling you,u weren’t answering me, what were you thinking?,

me. nothing ooo,, I felt asleep,

Dan. Ok it’s dinner time, let’s go to the hall,,

me. oh I didn’t even hear the bell,,

—»at the dinner hall«—

Lodge master. good evening every one,

Students. good evening sir,

lodge master. our football team couch demanded for all our football players currently playing on the on going governors cup to assemble tomorrow morning at 5.am at the school football pitch, for an important massage on the ongoing governors cup,,, so I urge all the players to do so.. enjoy your dinner..

students. thank you sir,,

we all ate that night,, I saw amina smiling at while eating, I smiled back but I wasn’t happy cheating on her,,

—» in the morning at the pitch«—

couch. good morning players.

players. good morning couch.

couch. How are you all doing?

players. fine sir,

couch. the staffs and the official of the ongoing governors cup competition has agreed that the governors cup will continue even during the holiday,, it is going to be hard on us we know, but we must find a way to do it, if we really need victory,,
and also the round 16 stage of this competition has be fixed,, so we are going to meet the iyanopaja high school on 8th September,, and it’s already around the corner, so I suggest we commence training but I also understood that you guys are presently on the school debate competition, so we will have training today, but there will be no training tomorrow because of the debate competition against the jss1 and jss3 class, and we will be having training every morning till the school closes,, except on the debate days,

players. yes sir

Couch. any question? Before we commence for today’s training.

me. good morning once again couch.
you just said that the officials of the competition agreed that the competition continues even during our holidays, how are we going to meet up if school closes? for our matches and trainings??

couch. I have already discussed that with the principal,, according to him, your parents will be informed about that on the final day of the school debate competition,, which they all will be present to witness, the school bus will go to your various houses to pick you all up back to the school, 3days before the next match,to train and get ready for the match and the school bus will also take u all back to your various houses after the matches,


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