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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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pointing at her down region, I was so shocked to understand what she was saying,, I looked down at her with my mouth shut,No word seems to appear on my mouth,, I was standing still looking at her when her word brought me back to life,

miss sandra. tony baby come close and make me happy,,

me. no ma, I can’t do this, am leaving,

from her face I saw she was surprised, I quickly ran to the door to run out,, I was about pulling the door handle when she spoke to me,

miss Sandra. wait… I know you have been doing this with miss ade, am not threatening you, but I just want to feel like her,, please tony, make love tony, I want you now,,

me. no ma, I have to leave,,

miss sandra. if you leave now, trust me, your secret with miss ade will be revealed to amina, and the school also,, and also about the phone you are using too,,

immediately I heard about amina, and the secret being revealed, I lost all the courage I gathered to leave miss sandras place, and before I know it, she was already all over me,

her lips meet mine and all my body system came back on fire again,, I quickly held her huge boobs and was really squeezing them, she was really eating my mouth like none stop, and I was really enjoying it,, I unbuckled her bra, and let out those huge riped paw paw,
she immediately held my hand and leed me to her bedroom,, she pushed me to her bed, as she tried unbuttoning my trouser, but I didn’t let her,, I held her hands and our lips locked up again, I turned her over to the bed,

I got up,, and removed her pants, her pu–y was very well kept and shaved, I bend down and started playing with her little remaining hairs,, then she started moaning,, I got to her c–t, her moaning came high,, I think she was really enjoying it,, I immediately started licking her c–t, very clean, her scent was very nice,

she was really crying when I started tongue bleeping her, she was shouting my name,, but I never cared,, sex she want sex she will have,, I withdraw my tongue and inserted one of my finger,, she was really enjoying it,, I started finger bleeping her,, I letter added one more finger,, and it became tight, miss sandra was really tight,, by then she was already begging me to stop,, because I was finger bleeping her very fast,

Later I returned to tongue and I started licking her again,, she held my head tight to her pu–y, that it was even hard for me to breath again,, but I never stopped, some, she held my head tight,, till she c-m,on my face,, that was huge,, she came really huge,, and it was unexpected,, I withdrawn my head,, from her only to see her lieing helplessly, I check her,, she was breathing but was very dull,, she cant even move, she was very wick, so I quickly rushed to her bathroom, was my face and hand, and left her apartment,

i was happy I didn’t have sex with her,, but I still know it’s not yet over,, because I know she will still ask for me,,
with the same bribing way,,

I got home to meet my two real guys still sleeping,, I entered the bathroom took my bath and was, I was surprised to got back to the room to see the both seating on their beds staring at me,,with one kind eye,,

fear first catch me ooo,, I thought they were sleeping,, hmmmm maybe they know about what I did,,

chuks. Were have you been??

me. went to miss sandra house,, she called and said she needed my help,,

Dan. oooooh no wonder u rushed to the bathroom immediately u came back,,

me. Nooo nothing happened oooo,,

chuks. who said something happened??

Dan. who gave her your number,, how did she get it to call you??

me. I don’t know,, I was surprised when she called self,,

chuks.. tony tony,, what help did you went there to render her???


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