1st judge. good afternoon everybody,, I am well pleased to witness all that just happened here today,, I am very happy to be here today,, first of all let me start with the jss1, this pupil came out very brave,, this is the junior class challenging their senior with all guts, they were all brave and strong aiming forward to conquer, one thing about this people is that they never looks at anybody,, they stood very firm to defend them selves,, with ambition they never looks back,, they strongly pull of the ss3 from this competition, I don’t know yet that today result bring,, but I hope they win, because I will love to see them perform more ahead,,

and to the ss1, this is the class who fought very strong last year for this title, but was denied by the ss2 class, this year they meet the ss2 class at their first challenge, and forcefully deny them the access to move on,, you know I thought this class would not do well on this present year, because I thought the ss2 will have them knocked off again like they did last year,, but this class proved me wrong this year,, and instead, they used what soccer calls team management and formation,, today I noticed they always changes they debators, and to be frank with you,, this is actually the first time this is being seen in this competition, and their two teams were really strong, this shows they are really ready to conquer,, like I said before, I don’t know what the result bring,, but I also hope they made it to the next round, because I also want to see the perform again,,

2nd judge… ladies and gentle men,, (he paused)

a huge amount of fear surrounded me again,, every were became calm and everybody patiently waiting for the result,,

2nd judge. (continued) I bring to you the result of today’s debate competition,, (paused again and continued at once)
the winning class of today’s competitions is jss1 am sorry your work stops here,, the ss1 made it to the next round.

everybody shouted in happiness,, amina hugged and kissed me infront of everybody in joy,, the hall became rowdy and noisy, all my class mates jumping and running towards our debators to hug them,, I was over double happy,, withing 5minutes amina was still hugging me very tight,, till the form master tried to stop the noise with the microphone,, but he couldn’t, so he gave up,,

at about 10 minutes of jumping and jubilating in the hall,, everywhere finally became calm., as we all debators find our way to our class for a brief talk invited by the class prefect,,

prefect. I am very happy today,, because you all really made us proud today,, and I want to use this little opportunity to thank you all for your work so far,, ist not easy,, but we really worked hard to get here,,
remember nothing is ever going to pull us down now,, we are already on the road to victory,,

tomorrow we meet here again for the they reharsal and presentation of your works,, because we meet the jss3 next tomorrow, to decide if we are going to the final round,, thanks to you all,,
any question??

chuks. good afternoon my fellow debators,, I also want to use this little opportunity to apologise for failing our rule today,, I left the last position to debate for the third position, please forgive me,,

prefect. thank you very much chuks, for doing that,, you really did the best, beacuse without what you did today, we will not be able to win this children so my dear you owe us no apology,
now everybody retire to your room rest, and work hard against tomorrow presentation,,

everybody. thank you prefect.

everybody started leaving,, I looked at my very good friend chuks in surprised and gave in a very warm hug fron my heart,,

amina. it’s ok you guys are making me jealous ooo,, Chuks thanks very much,, you really made us proud,, and remember your promise today,,

Chuks. Ofcus go home and get ready with your friend, we meet in the canteen around 5pm today,, I will keep my promised,, Nd today is our happy day,,

Me. oh chuks am very proud of you,,

amina. and chuks, I saw the way amanda was smiling at you ooo,, principal son

we all laughed as we all parted to our ways,

we got home, knocked for the door,
Dan answered from the inside,,

Dan. let the principal son go to his father’s house,

we looked at each other, smiled and knocked again,,

Dan. I said only my room mate tony comes in here today, let the principal son locate his father ooo,,

me. danero,, he is not with me ooo,, pls nah open door,

Dan. are you sure?

Me. yes nah,, don you trust me again,,
Dan. I don’t trust you tony,, ok were is he now,, you know I don’t want the principal son to come to our room ooo,, what if he saw what he will go and report to his father??

me. Nooo he is not with me,, am alone he already went to his father, you know I wount let him follow me here,

all this while chuks was just at the door side smiling to him self,

Dan. Ok, but make sure he is not with you ooo,,

he opened the door,, immediately we stepped in,, he rushed chuks and hug him very tight in joy….


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