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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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the debate commenced immediately, with the jss1 striking first at us,, that girl that debated first for them, really showed us that they really prepared for us,, we throwned the stone back at them,, the second came and we also defended still making it 50-50 on the aggregate, (lol)
the third was a boy, I know him as their class captain, everybody know that he was the one that kicked out the ss3, when he stood up, everywhere was so calm, he greeted the principal, judges, teachers and we the audience,

he started with his big grammar,, bringing out many points and proving them all right, just to kick us of,, that boy was really intelligent,, all the teachers and judges were calmly looking at him as he pours out all he had,, I became scared,
1, because I thought my suggestion is really going to turn us down,
2, because, I saw it that no one in that our group can bring out a possible reason to turn that boy down,
and 3, because it’s is going to be another humiliation, and the ss2 will also laugh at us,

I looked at amina, she was really focused on that boy with a surprised face,, then I began to wonder how those children that just came up from the primary school know a lot,, anyway that not my problem now,,

the boy finished and sat down quietly everywhere became rowdy in amazement, clapping and making noise for him including the judges,, I looked up to my team, I was surprised, because on our team formation chuks is supposed to be the last person to debate,, but I was surprised he has changed to be the third person,, I looked around, and it seems nobody noticed, only amina and my class captain whom also looked at me, in fear,,

amina, (in a gentle voice,) tony did you noticed that?

me. yes ooo,,

Amina. why did he changed nah,, am even more scared now,,

me. you don’t need to be,, one team must win today no matter what,

Amina. I know nah,, but chuks is suppose to be the last atleast to gain us more points at the end,, I don,t trust that girl he switched with,,

me. let’s just wait and see,,

Chuks began immediately, he also greeted everybody,, he started again with another format not what he presented to us,, he really was challenging the boy with all his power,, you know sometimes I wonder were chuks intelligence really came from,, could you believe chuks was blowing all sort of grammar,, piecing that boy words one by one and also making amendments, the principal stood up with a happy face and was really coming toward chuks, but chuks really never fails off, he continued till his time got exhausted, the principal went to him and hugged him firmly,,

I was soo happy,, so do all my fellow debaters, and all my class mates, amina was very happy that he held my hand so tight,,
my class prefect was giving me the sign of thumb up, I became very proud of chuks,,

to cut it short………

our other two remaining debators, really did well,, infact they were really unbelievable,, the last girl that amina never trusted was really wonderful,, infact she deserves that role of the Last debater, am so proud of them,, really proud,,

pricipal. (took the mic from the judges) I know you all will be thinking that I am going to give you the result,, Nooo, we stil have judges and I believe they will make the best dicision for us,, to me today,, this is the best debate challenge in this school ever from the first day we started this competition here in this school,, I am really amazed,, and today I want to make one thing clear to all of you here,, (come) he pointed the jss1 prefect, and he also bacon on chuks to come forward too,, you too really made me proud today,, Nd from

Principal. (directed to the chuks ) what is your name??

Chuks. my name is chukwuka nwachukwu,

principal. (turns to the jss1 prefect) and you,

prefect. azeez oladipupo,

Principal. great from today this two, azeez oladipupo and chukwuka nwachukwu, will become my sons in this school automatically,, I will teach them alone personally every Saturdays,, thanks to you all,,
I will now give back the mic to the judges to make the best decisions for us……

to be continued…..

this episode 14 is dedicated to my very good friend,, #Stephanie

please my fans,, I know very well that I am really disappointing you all on this story,, but what can I do,, I had to focus on my exams to avoid carry over,,, don’t worry I will soon be fully back,, and I will come back with another heart beating story,, thank you,,


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