To cut the story short….

We bought foods as suggested by Daniel, eat and played, before we retired for our rooms,, it was really an unforgettable day, Chuks and amanda really got more closer ooo,, but you know I thought dan used that game to get chuks and amanda together, but I was really wrong, that Daniel also wanted to get closer to flora,, if u see the way he was playing and laughing with flora, I think dan is in love, but he has been hiding it from us,,,
Anyway let leave that one for another episode…..

We got home around 6.30 pm, everybody was some kind of dirty, so we needed a cold bath, dan first got to the bath room,, immediately he entered chuks came to my bed

Chuks. Paddy did you notice anything today? Something unbelievable?

Me. Yes ooo,, you and amanda is now so close like lovers,, I noticed the way she was calling your name was special,, am…..#he cuts me off#

Chuks. Not that jare,, it’s about dan, did you notice anything about him??

Me. #trying to hide it# no,, what about him?

Chuks. Hmmm Tony don’t tell me u didn’t see Daniel falling inlove today,,

Me. Me, oh now I know what u are saying,, I saw it ooo,, it’s seems he has falling already ooo,, and it didn’t start today,, and he has been hiding it from us,,

Chuks. Yes I thought it’s only me that saw it,, u know he was so quiet on our way home,, he was really not happy leaving flora side,, but anyway let’s not ask him about it shaa, let keep pretending as if we didn’t notice it,,n till it comes out,,

The next morning around 7am we all ss1 debators gathered again at the same place,, to finalise our work and also choose those that will defend us against the jss1 class,
As usual everyone presented their works, and what they have prepared for the debate,,, wow those that didn’t debate against ss2 really worked hard this time, there works was really amazing,, at the end of the presentations, the prefect picked four of them with chuks to make them 5 in number, as he began,

Prefect. I did not really choose you all because you are very good, it’s because you guys really worked hard and I believe with what you guys presented here now,, we can win the judges to our side, you are not going up there today to help me,, bear it in mind that you are doing it for all of us,, you are doing it to win that rite, that freedom and respect we have never tasted in this school before, not only that, you all saw how the small jss1 humiliated ss3 with no respect,, please please you all should not let that happen to us,, we need to teach them respect,, and we believe in you all to do that,,
To you chuks,, your last debate against ss2 was really owesome, and this time you came out with another hard treat,, you have been choosen today to lead them, because you really deserve it, please make us proud,, stand fame as the leader and bring us victory,,
Now you all can go and take your morning bath, rehearse more and be ready to do it,,,then return here around around 10 for the main game,,, thank you,,

We went home and and chuks was very happy to lead the debate,, at 10 we went back to the school hall,, like 30 minutes later, the show began,

Dean. Good morning ladies and gentle, it’s my honour to welcome you all to the semi final of the st charles collect debate competition,, without wasting your time, I would lo to introduce to you the small but might and dangerous jss1 class debators,,

The 5 of the little children that humiliated the ss3 came out boldly and sat down,,

Dean. #Continues, yes they are really the dengerious, fearless and deadly, you all witnessed how they pushed off the senior, the ss3 class,, and it was a big surprise to all of us,, because no one would have believe that an ordinary Aston villa would beat up the almighty barcelona, anyway nothing is impossible,, and we are looking at them today to maintain that agaist the ss1,,
……..ok ladies and gentle me,, let’s welcome the ss1 class,, I call them the guys with the key,,

Our 5 debators came out boldly also, looking so strong and fame,,

Dean. #continues… wow this is it,, I am shut of words now,, I will handle the mic to the judges to commence the competitions,, thank you…


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