I calmed them down and explained to them what really happened,,

Chuks. Tony you know that woman is bad and tempting, don’t let her use you ooo,, because it really gonna bring problem between her and mis ade once miss ade finds out,,and this can lead to tarnishing your image,, because once they started quareling over you,, the principal will know, and your secret will be revealed,, you know women’s and their childish brain,,,

Me. No don’t kind of thing will not happen, because I trust my self,,

Dan. Trust your self,, didn’t you trust your self when miss ade took over you,, Tony you know we love you,, now she has started from helping her mark exams, very soon it will be helping her in the other side,, you know I don’t know what women’s saw in handsome guys,, Cus once you are handsome and intelligent,, the devil in them, will ask them to destroy you,, and Tony I don’t want you to be a victim,, I want you to always be this nice guy I know and not the talk of this school,, am not saying you should not help miss Sandra ooo,,, but Tony please just mind your self that’s all,, though I still trust you,,,


The next day jss2 challenged the jss3 on the school ongoing debate competition and was conquered by jss3,, so we ss1 have to meet the jss1 for the quarter final tomorrow, so we have to present our works today at our meeting place,,@2pm, and I have also promised to visit miss Sandra again today,, but am now having two minds, due to my friends valuable advices, after that debate, we went to our various home,, I started practising for my work, but chuks surprised me again, he didn’t even look at me, he just felt down on his bed and slept off, as if he is no longer part of the debate,,

At 1.30pm I called him up to get ready for the presentation, he just went to the bathroom, took his bath and I also did the same,, at 2pm we both headed out to our meeting place,, we got there at 5minutes later,, almost all our team mates are already there,, we waited for others and started around 2.30pm,

everybody presented his or her work,, wow we all are extremely ready to send the jss1 off,,

Prefect. Wow,, all of you all has really tried your best to bring on this amazing work here,, am really happy,, with this I think we are going to kil the jss1 class,,

Me. Nooooooo those children is hard ooo,, remember how they sent off the ss3 class with no word, the ss3 class oo, yes we think we can kill them with what we had,, but who knows what they had for us,, so we have to work more hard to secure this competition,, and this time,, we have to change new debaters. Yes the last people’s that debated against ss2 class will not debate this time around because we are many here, everybody has to debate, perhaps that will show our seriousness and commitment, we are more than 12 here, and we all wanted to represent our class, so I think everybody should be given an opportunity, those that wasn’t choosen to debate last time against ss2, should work more harder now,, because they will have to represent us tomorrow against jss1,

Prefect. Yes I think Tony is right,, we have to show the school how superb we are,, we have to trick the judges with new faces,, you know those that wasn’t given an opportunity to debate against ss3 gave us their trust and support to win and we won,, I also think we should give them our own trust and support to conquer jss1, what do you guys think???

Everybody accepted to the suggestion,,

Prefect. Ok everybody go home and work more harder,, the new team will be selected tomorrow morning according to your presentations,,


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