after being in thought for like 5 minutes, , I just decided to answer miss Sandra and know the reason for her call,, I got up went to were she was standing outside the hall,,

me. goodevening ma,,

miss Sandra. goodevening tony how are you,,

me. fine ma,

miss Sandra. what will you be doing today..

me. nothing ma,,

miss Sandra. you know since I made you my personal assistant in your class,, you have not been doing your work,, this time I want to make sure you are doing your work,,

me. silent……

miss Sandra. I want you to come to my house this afternoon to assist me in some work,, I really need help,, the work is much on me..

me. ok ma,,

miss Sandra. it’s just 12.13 now,, some go and rest and come around 3pm,, I will be expecting you,,

me. ok ma,,

miss Sandra. don’t fail me tony,, or I will have u reported to the principal, for disobeying me,,

she left immediately while I turned to see amina staring at me with much bitterness written all over her face,,
I gently walked to her,,

me. why do u seem angry?? what is the matter,,

amina. why is miss Sandra so mean at you,, what did you do,,

me. nothing she was just talking to me about something,, she wasn’t that mean,,

amina. about what, if I may ask,,

me. she wanted me to come by her house and help her out in some work,, she said she needed a help,, that since am her personal assistant, , that I should come and help her,,

amina.and did you agree to that?

me. yes nah,, what should I do? you know I can’t say no to her,,

amina. you accepted? don’t you know you also have much work ahead too,, what will happen to our debate team,, how are you going to coup with all that,,

me. dear don’t worry about me,, I will handle that,, you should not put that to you mind,, trust me I will do it,,

I held her hand as we both started walking together,, the canteen,,

amina. you know am afraid to leave you in the hand of miss Sandra, , she seems bad,, you know you have been walking freely with miss ade and I never for once bother about that,, because miss ade is simple and pure,, please baby be careful with miss Sandra, , I Don’t like her way,,

me. ok my love, , trust me,,

amina. and who said I don’t? ?

we walked together to the canteen,, senior Ivie were already there with her friends, , so we just went to one corner, sat down and requested for a soft drink,, soon Dan and chuks came in, and sat with us, they also requested the same,, and soon amina’s two best friend came in and also joined us,, so we started discussing together as the real friends that we are,, gisting and laughing,,

after the soft drink,, we all walked to the pitch side to seat and have fresh air,, we got to the pitch,, it’s was cool, though some student are there already but it’s was just cool,, amina left my hand and run to the middle of the pitch,, she stopped,,

amina. who can show me the first place tony had his first goal in this field,,

Amanda. .. I know,,……….

/”>Amanda is one of amina best friend,, she is fair in complexion,, has a very last waist and small boobs, , she is about 15 years old,, very beautiful,, friendly and nice to be with,, but she can snub you like hell, , at the back of all her books she boldly wrote this on them,,// –>>IF YOU IGNORE ME, I WILL IGNORE YOU, IF YOU DON’T START THE CONVERSATION, WE WON’T TALK, IF YOU DON’T PUT IN THE EFFORT, WHY SHOULD I,, #SEXYMANDY


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