I wanted to use my tongue on her,, no Tony I want you in me now please make love to me,, I want to feel it,, she said..

me I happy oo,, at first I taught she would not be happy if u just seo8rvice her without washing her plate,,;but now she even helped save the time I have been economising on,

I just obeyed her,, as I teased her kitty lips with my rod, she moaned, I gently entered her hot ocean in a missionary style,,, she moaned again⏳ This time very loud,, I started going in and out of her,, she was really moaning,, but I never cared,, I kept doing it none stop,, she was saying something I didn’t hear,, she started crying,, and was still begging me to be faster,, I was going in and out without break,, I was also enjoying it,, not that long she came,, she held me very tight to her body,,

immediately she released me a little,, I turned her and changed position to doggy style,, I entered her again, she started moaning again ,, she really love it that way,, she was really enjoying it,, as she kept calling my name,, I started filling my akamu to build,, I kept going in and out faster,, she started speaking in tongue,, I never cared to hear her,, because I was focused on my out coming akamu,, I kept firing till I came on her,, she also came immediately she felt my hot akamu inside her,,
then we both coulapsed on the bed breathing fast for like 5mins,

miss ade. wow Tony that was hot,
do you know you make me came twice,,I love you baby,, thanks so much,,

me. thanks also ma, I need to get going now,, it’s late already,,

miss ade. OK I will see you tomorrow,,

I dressed up and left her room,, miss Sandra saw me as I was coming out of miss ade’s room and was looking at me in a suspecting way,, I just turned my face off her side as I quickly walk pass her,, I taught she might stop me,, but she didn’t ,, I was so surprised,, I got to my lodge, nobody was in,, I used my own key to open the door ask I quickly rushed in,, took my bath and wore another cloth,, then I went of in search of my amina,

got to the school canteen but I couldn’t see her,, so I assumed she might still be in her lodge, and I can’t go there,, so I turned to leave,, immediately I turned guest who I saw,,…

you guest right, amina, she has been standing at my back smiling at me,

me. you scared me,,

amina. yes I wanted to,, I came to your lodge at 6,, but I couldn’t find you,, were have you been,,

me. I slept off immediately I got home, then I woked up around 5 then I decided to go walk out,,

amina. OK,, (she held my hand) now I need to also walk,, so follow me,, so I won’t get lost,

I smiled as we walked our way out to the pitch side, around the whole school discussing and smiling,, till the bell sounded,, I really had fun walking with her,, she was so lively,,

next day came,, it was the day I believed ss3 will have to match on the small jss1,, but it went the other way round,, ss3 lost to the small jss1,, the day was totally a funny day,, because the unbelievable happened,, so I was still, in the hall with my friends,, when a junior student came in and told me that miss Sandra wanted to see me at her house,

immediately I lost all the joy I had,, and many things started running on my mind,, perhaps she caught me bleeping miss ade and now she want to talk to me about it,, or maybe she wanted me to help her on something, many things,,


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