I followed her to the kitchen,, she was actually cooking jellof rice,, I helped her slice some onion and and other things,,

after that I went and stood at the door side,, looking at her,, as she cooks,, she was really beautiful at 23,, she really was endowed,, with her white bum short everything was visible,, I was lost,, when she brought me back,,

miss ade. I know what you are looking at ,, just keep your eyes off my body Tony,, you are even distracting me here,,

me. oh sorry ma, just that you are too beautiful,, am just admiring what God has created.

miss ade. hahahahaahhah,, so are you trying to tell me that it’s only today you are seeing my beauties,,

me. no ma, it’s just that……

she shut my mouth with one of her fingers,, as she replaced it with a kiss that lasted for like 30 seconds,

miss ade. you know you are too handsome for me,, your looks always intimidates that my so called beauty when ever I see you,, ….
that reminds me Tony,
you guys had no mercy for ss2 today,, that was owesome,,

me. that the will of God and not by our power,,

miss ade. but you guy’s really kill it,, expecially you amina and chuks,,
that chuks self,, I never know he was that much intelligent,, he spokes like a professor,
you know from the beginning you guys was hot till the end,, and finally you confused the judges,, wow,, you got another kiss for that baby..

she placed another hot kiss on my lips, this time I grabbed her bums,, was caressing it,, our tongues were doing hide and seek,, the kiss was a long one,, I got her left b–b with my left hand,,as I started feeling it,, she has no bra as I pull off her tiny hands yellow singlet, I pushed her to the sitting room,, and I was about pushing her to the long chair. no no Tony the food.. she shouted

she got up and rushed back to the kitchen,, I followed her,, as I picked up her singlet,, when got to the kitchen she was already taking care of the food,,

miss ade. give me my singlet.

me. no,, it’s mine now,, I leave it when ever I want,,

miss ade. but don’t you see am naked??

me. but not totally naked nah,, you still have your bum shot, and beside you are going to be like this till you finish cooking,

miss ade . bad boy,,you will cry today,,

it took us like another 30 minutes to finish the cooking and also eating,, while eating I kept looking at that her b–bs that was standing like a soldier, I even wonder what will ever make that b–bs to fall,, though she caught me several time,, but she kept smiling.

after eating she packed all the used plate,, and took them to the kitchen,, after washing them she came back as she headed for the room.

miss ade. let me go and wear another cloth before you blind this your eyes looking at my b–bs.

me. never,

I followed her to the room,, got her searching for another top, but I hold her as our lips meet again,, immediately I searched for the road to her hell as I located her kitty,, I first of all caress her hair as I unlocked her short zip and pull it down,she was with no panties, as she stood totally naked in front of me, she pulled off my jersey and my Jean trouser,, and I was also naked,, she took my johnthomas to her mouth, as she started giving me a blow job,, she was very good at it,, I checked my time it was already to six,, and I have no time.. I have to rush back,, because amina will come and see me at 6pm

immidiatly I pushed her down to the bed.

to be continued…


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