after her, was our turn,, chuks took over to be the first to represent us,, I was so surprised at what he presented,, it was totally different from what he showed us,, he did another work,, and he didn’t show it to us,not even me his roomate, to see it before presenting it to the whole school,, but that was an excellent work,, more intresting and more good than the one he presented to us at the meeting,, I was so happy and proud of him,, his presentation was owesome, the big grammers was adorable,, his braveness was something else,, he really challenged the ss2 class with no fear,, he really brought us all from the fear the girl that first represented ss2 class put on us,, chuks said it all, as it was needed to say,, I became so happy and proud of him,, you know we intentionally put chuks as the first to debate on our class,, because we were afraid it’s his first time on the debate,, so if he makes a mistake other will cover it up before the jodges would be able to find out,, but on this case chuks really proved us wrong,, he really did it better than anybody else would have,, after his presentation all the students, teachers, jodges stood up and gave him a decent non-stop rounds of applause,,

their prefect came up and presented his,, though his English and works wasn’t that to be called a threat but it was really good and the types that can win many points and vote,, but I was very happy our own prefect hitted it back to him with a very heavy force,, by this time,, I was becoming more braver then ever,, I became more strong to conquer the almighty ss2, but I know there are more strong threats to come from their remaining team members,,

senior ivie came ups and trow to us another heavy threat,, she really mean to conquer us,, she really wanted to deal with us,, because her grammers was something to vote for,, she really counts it out, all the advantages of the government schools,, her presentations has a story of an old experience of the privates and government students,, she gave it all out in pieces,,

after her amina took over to challenge her,, amina didn’t really use all the works she presentation to us on the meeting,, her presentation was like she didn’t write it out to learn but it was like she used all the work of ivie presented to compose a new one,, because she was really challenging senior ivie from her work,, she was really proving all the advantages senior ivie just listed out wrong,, wow she was something else today,, she never looked at any body’s face, all that she presented was from senior ivie presentation,, she also told her own old story of the the past experience of her mum who studied in the government school,, it’s was really a good challenge,, and after her presentations, I immediately concluded that we have just won the ss2 this time,,

after amina presentation,, the school bell sounded for a little brake,,
we all went one side,,

prefect. am so proud of you guys,, most expecially chuks and amina, you guy’s really surprised me,, and I think amina really stroke them with fear,, and I hope Tony and sunke were ready to bring us the victory,, good work you all,, seat and has a little rest,

me. boss how did you do that??

chuks. , I never thought it would be this great,, but all thanks to God, you are the last,, please don’t make us cry,,

me. trust me,, you really gave me all I needed to make it happen,, and I must make it happen,,

amina. I trust you Tony,, I know if we are going to fail this time it must be from the jodges,,

me. you really challenged senior ivie and am very happy,, thanks for making me happy,,

she walked close and hugged me very tight,,

amina. I got inspired while looking at you,,

chuks. please no time for love now,, it’s time to go back….


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