me. no I can’t ,, and I don’t have to,,

amina. why can’t you,,

me. I don’t have any experience on that,, I have not done it before, I heard it painful,, even if we want to do it,, it must not be here,, virginity is not what you stand up to break,, or what you lay on a bay ground to do,, virginity is to be respected,, it takes many ritual and many colours of candles to make it happen,, beside you might get pregnant on the process because I don’t have any protection here,, so my love,, please let’s not do it now,,

amina. (hugs me) thanks Tony you just passed another test from me,, don’t worry,,I promise to keep this virginity to you,, you must be the one to break it,, so from today start learning how to do it,, because very soon you will have to do it,, ,,

we kissed again before we left,, the next day we presented our work on the ongoing debate again,, this time chuks did another amazing work,, he got choosed alongside me, amina, prefect and one other girl from the new member’s,, to meet the ss2 class the following day,,

me. you know how senior ivie humiliated you on the last debate right,, you know she is the key to their victory last term,, you remembered how she challenged every of your work last term,, this time, with this you prepared,, I believed you are really going for the pay back,,

amina. you know you always know my mind and that’s why I love you so much,, yes this time I will never let her humiliate me again,, am going to fight for it,,

me. that’s my love,, I want you to make her cry as she did to you last term,, I believe in you,,

amina. OK dear,, I will be going with my friends now,, I still have a lot to do,, before tomorrow comes up,,

me. OK please take care and work harder,,

got home….
Dan. Tony is it true chuks got choosed to debate tomorrow??

me. yes,, that guy is really something else,, am so proud of him,,

Dan. hmmmmmmmm you have really made chuks to become a good boy,, and you made him to be able to see what he can achieve,,

chuks. nah una sabi, abeg una dey make noise u wan prepare for tomorrow,,,

after like 30 minutes in the room,, I got up and left for miss ade house, because she invited me again to come and help her finish some works,,,time checked 44 minutes passed 5pm,, got there around 6pm,,

miss ade. hi,Tony hope you guys are really preparing for tomorrow??

me. yes ma,,

miss ade. that’s good,, you guys should works hard to also defeat the ss2,, and prove to them that you guys also have intelligent students,,

me. yes ma.

miss ade. you know if it’s only ss2 you guys defeated this term I will be so happy,, because they really humiliated you guys last year,, but I believe you guys will reach to the final,, am believing in you,,

me. OK ma.

miss ade. OK Tony I have completed the jss1 you start yesterday day,, and I have also did your class,, so all you have to do now is to start from ss2,,

me. OK ma.

got to the table and started, filling the result cheats while she went inside probably to take her bath,, and use her same style to lore me to sex again,,

I left her house at around 7.00 pm,, I was surprised we didn’t even did sex today,, maybe she was not in the mood,, but me am in the mood,, I really wanted to do it,, because it has been long,, yesterday she didnt even give me chance to satisfy my self,, she just got satisfied and was happy,,


the next day came which is the debate day…
anyway let’s leave it for the season 3,,

to be continued….

D chicken I planned sending to you and your family today for xmas escaped to a nearby church shouting I shall not die but live to declare the Glory of God. Pls what do we do now since the chicken is now born Again and the Bible says touch not my anointing?……..
merry xmas and happy new year in advance!!!

??Merry Christmas to you, wish you many happy returns of it in greatness, joy, happiness, long life, as you celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus christ our Saviour.??

Joyeux noel tout Le Monde, vous souhaite de nombreux retours heureux dans la joie, de bonheur et de longévité??

if u no fit read that language,, leave am nah,, must you read everything I wrote,, just dey your own jari,,


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