I got home,, was lay down on my bed thinking how I have got that boldness to do what I have done today,,

Dan. Tony how was the meeting??

me. fine.

Dan. you don’t seem happy,, where is chuks?

me. I don’t know,,

chuks. what is the matter,,did you fight with anybody,,

me. no

immediately chuks came in, with a smile on his face,,

chuks. wow Tony you really that got that boldness?? wow am very proud of you,,( he said as he came to my bed and lay down )) what if senior ivie decided to be your problem in this school,,

me. being my problem like how,, she only senior Me with one class,, or do u think he will report me to the pricipal of using a phone in this school, but she also uses phone,, she can’t flog me now, cus she must be very afraid of me,, so I don’t see how she could be my problem,,

chuks. that true shaa, but you really made amina happy out there,,

Dan. what really happened?? you guys should tell me nah,, what is the matter,,

chuks. you can’t believe it Tony faught for amina,, senior ivie wanted to embarrass her and perhaps finally beat her up because of tony, danNero you missed, you should have seen how Tony stood up for her and embarrassed senior ivie and her friends,, I think right now senior ivie must still be standing there , Tony do you know immediately you left her friends also left her there in shame,, then she just stood thereally like one old tree probably thinking about her life,,

Dan. hmm mm amina in a big pot of soup from today,,

chuks. nothing will happen to her jari, that amina is not even that simple self,, I bet she can even beat senior ivie,, remember her family is wealthy, if senior ivie raises any alarm,, there will be war, but at the end she will got defeated and be expelled from this school,, so I think she will use her tongue to count her teeth and then she will draw back,,

I reached for my phone and switched it on, first chat that came in was amina,
I opened it and it says,,

WhatsApp chats…

amina. thank you my love for making me the happiest woman on earth,, you really proved your love for Me today, you made me proud of my self,, I am happy to be loved by a wise person like you,,

me. it’s OK, am just happy nothing happened to you,, you know I think they might have beaten you,,

amina. beat me,, no nah,, she is just warning me to stay clear from you,, that she loves you, bla bla bla…

me. don’t mind her she is just wasting her time,, I don’t have time for a fool like her,,

amina but did she think by fighting she might have you? she is really a fool,,

Dan and chuks were on my bed laughing at my chat with amina,, though amu7 having many chats, but I just want to chat amina alone,,

me. just see her brain nah,,

amina.please tony let see tonight at the same place, the same night,, I want to give you a gift,,

me. what gift?

amina. just come first…..


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