at 5pm I went to the meeting with chuks, it’s was a general meeting among all class participators, on the meeting we were official notified about the upcoming event which is the debate,, and it’s rules and regulations, they also advice us to read harder, and be the winner, though the price to be won is not much, it’s just, it’s just being respected as the school most intelligent class, and also your class members will be free to go to the library any time anyday and take any book they want, and also, win your self the school T-shirt which WINNER will be boldly written on the front and THE MOST INTELLIGENT STUDENT OF ST CHARLES THE GREAT, written on the back,with the badge of our school on it, thats all ,

after the meeting we separated to commence on class meeting over the upcoming debate, all our class pupils that participated last term, were all present, both amina and some other students that wanted to join, as we all gathered the class prefect greeted as he begun,,

class prefect. good evening to your all,

all. good evening prefect,

class prefect. as you all can see, the long waited debate is back again, tomorrow is the final exam, and we must read hard over this upcoming event, yes because we can never afford to be humiliated like last term the we lost the final to the ss2 class, we must be strong this time, we have many intelligent students in our class, we have to work hard to prove that, because none of is here has ever touched this title since we came to this school, we don’t know what’s it’s freedom looks like, and we must taste it, we are to face the ss2 again, at the beginning of this event, so we must be ready to kick them off and prove to them that last term was just a Mare mistake,

he raised up a shit of Peper as he reads out the contents,

prefect. on that day we are to defend the motion that says teacher are more important in our society than the government, so we all should get ready to defend our teachers that day, we will have another meeting after tomorrow exam by this same time, for everyone to show what’s he or her has gotten out of the paragraph, thank you all,

all. thank you prefect,

prefect. I see new faces on our team, welcome to you all, and please work hard to make us all proud, please tony let me see you and amina,

after all the student had left, me and amina meet with the prefect, as he proceed,,

prefect. this is going to be very hard on us, because we are the first this time, and we have just a day to sort this out after exams, it’s is not going to be easy, and the class we are meeting is the defending champions, you all saw how they humiliated us last term, why I called you both here is to know how we are going to prepare for this, you know you two are our key members, how are we going to avoid this humiliation again, am afraid oo,

me. you don’t need to be afraid, we have to work hard and pray over it,I believe the star will be our limit,

amina. you have already asked the students to work on it and bring it out tomorrow to our listening, you, me and tony will also work on it, after and show it out that same tomorrow, after that, then we will know now select the people’s that will defend us,

prefect. yes let see tomorrow,

we all left to our various rooms, amina didn’t even look at me as if she have seen me before, she just left to meet her friend,then I meet with chuks as we headed home,


I spent almost my whole night preparing my part to show on the debate tomorrow, because I have already solved some maths in the afternoon, chuks was also preparing his, and he seem so interesting to be part of the team, at around 2.am we decided to get some sleep, then with his Peper, he read out all that he has prepared, I was short on word, hearing what he has for the team, I became so proud of him as I clapped for him, he has it all, he explained the important of our teacher, I also read out mine for him and he was also happy,

me. all you have to do now is to try and copy this on your head, I swear you are good to go, so we decided to spend another one hour to read and make sure the contents on that piece of Peper was installed in our brain,,

to be continued…???


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