the wall post reads…

Dont love my lover , Dont tell him your problems, take them to God, Dont flirt around him, trust me my dear you are not sexier than i am Dont call him your Bestfriend, except you are his fellow guy, Dont call him to check up on him thats my job, Dont pay him a visit he is not a ZOO, Dont get mushy when you see him he is not Father christmas. because he is my joy,.This is not a joke.. Try me, i will not like me
from unknown lover,,,,

I left the crowd, without even knowin the meaning of that notice,, I just bulshit it because that not my problem, My problem is the ongoing exam,, when I got to my seat, I opened my locker to look at my biology key point, because our first exam that day was biology, I was surprised to see a piece of Peper on my desk, I opened and it was a poem for me and it reads,

#how long has it been??
that you have come into my heart,
my heart kept thumping
even just for your little smile,

quit awhile, I have been waiting for this love like a rainbow during a summer season,
it’s you, I am sure of it,
that you are my love,
you are like a cotton candy,
melting my heart all day,
you are like a rainbow, shone down spectacularly ,
you came dazzling into my heart,

will you whisper to me??
with you sweet voice,
that from the very beginning, your heart has been loving me everyday as we grow,

I love you, so smile,
for happiness will come after this hard time,
so smile, for love will come into your arms too,
during this exam, remember, take action,
don’t hold back, take action,
even if it’s just a step everyday,
even if it’s just a slow pace, it’s okey,,

from unknown lover,,#

after reading this I became scared, because This poem probably might be from the same unknown lover that posted that notice, and I might be the lover in question,

I just looked around me to see if any one else also saw what I saw, but nobody was looking at me, I used my eyes to search for amina, but she wasn’t even in the hall, then I became more scary, maybe she might be in trouble, because she never miss coming to the hall early, so immediately I set of to look for my love, but as I hit the door, I saw her with her friends, laughing and coming,,

when that came into the hall, she first look at my direction and turned instantly, and they also went to see the Notice, I saw the surprise in her eyes, that made me believe she has nothing to do with that, so I immediately trow the poem on my hand inside my locker,,

after the exam that day, she also left as usual, I narrated all that happened to my dear room mates, they seems to be scared also,

Dan. tony no thought you are the lover in question, because the poster also sent you a poem with the same unknown lover ,

chuks, am sure the poster must have warned amina seriously, and that’s why she has not been talking to you, who would that be??

me. am more scared here, I don’t want anything to happen to amina,, who do you guys think might be doing this,

Dan. Tony wait, on that warning post, the person called you her boyfriend,
are you dating anyone else???

to be continued…


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