amina. yes but it was brief,

me. how was he doing??

amina. great,…
Tony I don’t just want to be rude to you, I don’t want you to see me as a stupid girl, I want to be the perfect for you, you have changed me a lot, my friends testifies about it, I was once a rude girl who don’t give a shit to anybody, I only talk to my room mates and no one else, even in the classroom, no body talks to me or asks me for something because I am a rude girl, and I think my rudeness is because my family is wealthy, because of my dad wealth, I started feeling like a princess since I came to this school, not only this school but also through my primaries, I feel like am a princess because my father and some teachers treats Me like one, but since you came to this school, you haven’t given me a chance to ride you like other students, I learnt many things from you, you became my competitor, and thought me to be strong in my academics, when I insulted you, you took it as nothing, taught me how to forgive and how to be friendly, you thought me that nothing is more valuable than love, you also taught me how to make the whole school my friend, you taught me the ways of life, , you helped get rid of the fear in me,, you thought me that money can never bring love,, you taught me what love really is,and you made me fall in love with you, remember I took an oat in front of you that I must kiss the one I love today, you are the one, please help me keep that oat,

she started coming close to me,, as she was coming, she was looking directly to my eyes, I became short of words, that I don’t know what’s to say, but all that she just said now melted my heart, I felt real love for the first time, I felt love for her, I felt I needed her love, she came close and was about planting a kiss to my lip, when I stopped her,
her face changed immediately, like she wanted to cry,,

me. so you have been playing me all this while, so am really the one you love, and you have been taking advice from me on how to win me, why did you do something like that??

amina. I am sorry, but I don’t really know what to do, because I really want to win you, it’s your friends Dan and chuks that asked to play through that,

I was surprised when I heard that Dan and chuks are really part of this,

me. I love you too, from that first day you apologized for insulting me, you have been good to me, but when you told me you have a guy that you were in love with, I have to hide it, but deep into my heart, I still love you, now let me officially ask you to be my first girlfriend,,

I said this as I planted a hot kiss to her lips, I saw tears rolling down her cheeks and I know it was tears of joy,, I was happy too, because I have finally find true love,,

the kiss lasted for like 5mins, it’s seems like it will never end, but we finally broke it,

amina. (with tears) thank you soo much, I promise to be the best for you, I love you with all my heart and no one will ever stop me,

me. it’s OK, thanks so much for loving me, ( holds her hands) from now you are my happiness, and no one will take you away from me, am happy I have you, but you are going to do me a favour,,

amina. just tell me and I will do it,,

me. promise me that you are not going to start lacking from your studies from today, that will be more stronger, and always focus, promise me that you will never let me take your position in our class, promise me you will always be the strong girl that you have been,, just promise me that,,

amina. I promise, and this is my first promise to you, I will keep it, even if it means taking my life,

me. thanks, as I planted another kiss to her lips, we were still kissing when the school bell came on, notifying us that it is 9.pm, and that means 1more hour for the students to go in, after the bell and the kiss we hurriedly went back to the party,

I saw chuks and Dan as they smile at me, but I didn’t reply the smile as I kept a long face,,

Sam. guy were have you been nah??

me. bro I was having a running stomach so I went inside to offload,,

Sam. hahahhhahhhhhhahahhahahahaha…


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