We bought some snacks and headed to the
Football pitch to watch students on training,
On getting to the pitch, all student are already seated
In many groups, chatting,
Both male and females, seniors and juniors,,
I saw amina with about 5 girls together chatting and laughing,
Then I begin to wonder why chuks said she never talks to anybody,
Ok maybe I don’t really understand what’s he mean,
I kept it to my self and don’t bother asking him,
We were about seating down, when I saw someone waving at me,
It was amina, I didn’t wave back,
I kept long face and change my face direction,
The football training was very intresting, that I felt like playing,

Oh I forget to tell you, that I play football very well,
in my primary school, my school don’t play match, if am not in the no.9 position,
I mean striking, I play very well and no match that I don’t score,
Back then am the captain, even in my village game, am the captain,
I remember my mum once bought me a football boot and things he said that day,
Nna you will go to obodo oyibo and play football, so we can watch you on t.v,
Everyone will know you are my son,
My mum loves football soo much, and she is manchester united fan,
She never misses to watch christiano ronado and whayne rooney, every saturday,
And she believes I will one day be like ronado and rooney, and play for man united,
Anyway that was back then shaa,
Even in the seminary school, I still obtain my title of captinship, I lead st. Paul junior football team for complete 2yrs,
One thing that amazes everybody in the school is that I never forget to register goal in every match, even if its one goal,,
Thought I use to strike for seniors also when ever they have match,
When ever am with ball, everybody must shout my name in joy,,
Until I passes the ball,

When the break was over,
We all headed to our numerious class,
I was finally back on my desk, when the economics teacher entered,
He taught us for 45 minutes, at the end he asked questions,
He asked 6, questions, I answered four and amina answered two,

He asked my name and I answered,
He asked were am from,
I answered,
Teacher. which school am from,I answered,
Me.st pauls seminary school ukpor
Teacher.so you are an ex semilerian?
Me. Yes sir,
Teacher. No wonder you seems very intelligent,
And when didn’t you finish as a priest?
Me. Long story sir,
Teacher,don’t forget to visit my office anytime you have chance, for the story,

The entire class was surprised and has quetionable look all over there faces,, when the teacher left the class
I felt shy in the school for the first time
Cus the all eyes were on me,
I tried to concentrate with my book,
After school, gently went to the economics teacher office,
When I knock and entered, he was in his office with young lady of about 25yrs old, very beautiful and has a huge boobs, and nice back,
She is slim and tall, chocolate in colour,
She is the literature teacher, miss adebanjo,
When she saw me,
She was so suprise when she asked,
Miss adebanjo.Is this not the new intelligent boy??
Eco teacher. Oh you have even notice that?
Miss adebanjo, yes oo, I wonder if amina will take the leed this time around,
They were still chating about me,
When I interupted with a greeting,

Same to you dear,
They answered in unison
Eco teacher. Do yo also know he is an ex-semilerian??
Miss ade. Are you serious? No wonder, those seminarians are always intelligent, gentle neat and don’t talk much
so dear, what’s your name?
Me.anthony ma,
Miss ade. So tony why did you end up in st charles,
Eco teacher, that’s why I invited him here,
Relax let him tell us the story
Miss ade. Oh so nice,
I told them all the story without sparing any one,
It took me 15minutes to finish the story,
After they had pity on me,
I saw miss ade face booming with pity,
Miss ade.why don’t you continue here and surprise your parents
At last,atleast they wount come to find out and it will be a great secret between you and your uncle,
Eco teacher. But it will be going against his own father orders,
Me, no ma, seminary school is not like other schools, once you are an ex, you can’t enter any other seminary school again,
Miss ade. Oh sorry,
Eco teacher.

Madam ade please can you follow tony to his louge,cus its late for a student to be seen walking outside,
Miss ade. Sure tony let’s go,

We went out together, heading straight to the males quarters,
We were walking hand to hand, without talking to each other,
Then she finally broke the silent throwing me a story,
Miss ade. How old are you?
Me.Am 16 years old ma
Miss ade, but you seems 20, with your height,
Me, no ma am just 16,
Miss ade, wow that’s nice,but if anybody sees me and you now, they will think am your junior sister,
Me, lol,
Miss ade, yes nah, and you are also handsome,
Me. Thanks ma,
I look from a far and saw someone that look like amina, but the person was trying to hide from us, and I didn’t see the person again,
As we reach our louge, she turned and said,
Miss ade, tony make sure you visit my office tomorrow after studies,
Me. Ok ma,
Miss ade. Promise?
Me. Yes ma,
Miss ade. Ok you can go in now while I wait here to make sure you got In safely
Me. Ok ma,

I got in, and meet my room mates, busy resting on their beds,
Chuks. Guy were have you been??

I went to see the economics teacher,
Dan, tony why did you tell us that you was a semilerians, do you know how disapointed I was, when u said that in the class today??
Chuks. Don’t mind him, he is now keeping secrets,
Me. Guys am totally sorry,but none of you has ever asked me about my formal school nah,
Dan. Na true sha, but how is seminary school life to you??
Me.guy you guys are in real heaven here,
Cus most of the things you guys do here, we don’t do it in seminary school,
Chuks. What do you mean by that,
Me, do you know that only one noise from you in the class while the lecture was going on, can make you kneel down in the harsh sun

For complete 3hours, and after that you will receive about 40 strokes of cane at your back,
Dan. Jesus,
Chuks. That can never happen,
I will just run down to my papa house,

Dan.turns to chuks mr noise ur back go finish nah before you will finish your jss1, then before you go move jss2 them go change back for you,
We all laughs in unison,
Chuks, oye ara,
Dan. Tony please what’s the meaning of that?
Me. He said that you said the truth,,
We all laughs in unison,
Immidiatly, the bell ranged for dinner and we all headed to the dinner hall,


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