the referee whistle brought more fear in me,, immediately i shoot the ball to the net everybody shouted again in joy,


all our students and teachers ran to the pitch for celebration,, i was on the ground with sam on top of me, and many more players on top of him, immediately i stood up, amina landed on my body, and many of our female students also,, miss ade stood aside watching me and the students with a smile on her cheek,,

after the celebrations that seems unending, we got back to the pitch to finish up,, but the immediately st john passed the ball, the referee finalised the whistle, the another celebrations continued immediately,, our male fans, carried all players, including couch to the park were boarded our bus back to st charles,, on getting to st charles, all the students were already outside waiting for our arrival,, immediately we came down, they all rested on us in joy,,
in more than 10mins, all the student kept celebrating us non-stop,,

i didn,t see amina around,, seems she went to her room immediately we returned,,or maybe she has emberked on her journey of operation kiss him today, lol,

#bell rings#
principal. ok ok, i know very well that you all are overjoyed, after hearing about todays match,, but you all missed alot for not watching,,i my self i was overjoyed,, they really made us proud,, they are our heroes, they made a name for our school today, all through my life in st charles, i have never seen a team like this,, and today, i believed they capable of winning this trophy for us,, we are st charles, and we are simply the great,, i know apart from having this great footballers, we still have great lawyers, doctors, engineers, ministers, rulers and many more, so study hard and live up your dreams,,
so today, i made a promise to them, that i am going to host a party for this victory tonight , and not only this night, but each day they made us proud like today, and the day they will win the trophy for us, it will be one week non stop party, because that will be our first to touch that cup, and i will want to be alive to experience that, and i know you all will all be here,,
so now we will let them go to their various rooms to fresh up and return here by 7pm for the party to commence,
he ended and
#all the whole students shouted in joy#

my two room mates are already by my side,, i wasn’t happy with them, so i did as if i didnt see them,, because they left me all alone in the room with amina in the afternoon, they didnt tell me were they were going to, and they didnt go to the match with me,, so i wasnt happy with any of them,,

sam. #helps me to stand# go in and return fast oo,

me. ok sir, i will,

i left for my room, as i started walking gently,,my two room mates were still following me with out even talking or apologising to me, maybe they dont really know they did me bad, or maybe they know, thats why they kept mute, that was what my mind was saying,,

we were half way to our room, when someone suddenly tapped my shoulder,

dan. tony i heard you scored a penalty today,

me. i dont know,

chuks. you see, i told you he was angry with us,

dan. tony what did we do?

chuks. no need of asking what we did dan, because we already know, just ask him what we will do to apologise,

dan. you talk nah, are you not the one that said we should leave the room for privacy,

chuks. and after we left the room, are you not the one that suggested, we go play card at umaru,s room, that made us miss the school bus,,

dan. ehe nah, and i was trying to appease the oracle now, and you are pouring away my hot drink,,

me. and who is the oracle here,,??

chuks. you see, you have even added more fuel to the fire,

me. wait wait wait. so instead of apologizing to all you guys did to me today, you are busy calling me oracle and fire abi,? i dont even need your apologies, keep it, thanks for all you guys did to me today, both leaving the room without telling me, failing the promise you guys made to me that you will be standing at my back each match, calling me oracle and fire, anyway i dont want to talk much, just leave me alone, am so tired,,

chuks. tony we are sorry, we dont mean to go that far,, you know, when amina came in, she was acting strange,like she needed a privacy….

me. (cuts in) i dont need your explanations, i will forgive you guys on one condition,

both shouted. any condition,,


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