sam. thanks so much tony,, that pass was really legendry, it was owesome, i didnt expect it,, you really did good, thanks so much,

me. guy that your goal is very magical, i envy that goal oo,,
you did well, more than expected, is it because of that tunde’s money??

sam. hahhahah we don already chop that one nah,, all we have to do now is to find a possible way to win this match,,

me. yea, you will continue with the striking, i will feed you more, try to get us more goal,, you are the man now, maintain it,,

sam. ok, but i also want you to score, so we will switch soon,, to confuse that, as said by the couch,,

we were still setting formations, and sipping our locozade boast, when the referee signaled for time,, ,,
we headed back to the pitch to continue the second half,, the game started,the st johns with the ball for like 5min now, passing and dribbling our players, , seem they took the advice that was given to them during the break,, soon we got the ball back,,but they took it immediately from us and was really dealing with us,, they took over the midfield from us,, then we became powerless,, they shoot many types of shot to our net, but our no.1 still stands strong, catching all shot like a monkey,,it was around 77min, we came back to the game,, then we started taking back what rightfully belongs to us, the midfield, and the game,

i think they got tired because we really took over this time,, i switched position with dan, because the couch is already on our neck,, soon my no.11 got the ball, run with it, alongside 2 oponents at his back trying to stop him,,

he got the end of the line, then cross the ball, which i tried nodding to the net,, but i couldnt because it was far, but sam got it at his side, then he calmed down with it and cross it back, then this time i was aiming for the ball, because the might be out last chance,, because the time is almost up,, i aimed the ball and was really going for it,, the goal keeper was also out to get the ball, we both were looking and aiming at the ball,, so the goalkeeper hit me very hard on the face and i felt down, with a loud moan, the referee immediately awarded the goalkeeper with a red card,, with a penalty,

i was still on the ground, cus i felt blood running from my face,, i touched it and it was really blood,, the couch and some of our teachers ran to the pitch to see how i was doing, i stood up and they treated the blood and put on a plaster on my face, because the couch asked if i can still continue and i replyied yes,, i went back to the game, my players are already waiting for me to carry the penalty,

st johns, new keeper is slim and bold, i took the ball set it normal and was waiting for the referee whistle to tia the net,,

sam. tony remember its our last chance,,

everywere was calm, everybody was really waiting for the outcome of the penalty,

amina. toonnnnnyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

that was call from outside,


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