amina. nothing i just want to give my lips to him, i want him to be the first man i ever kissed,, though i have nearly kissed him before,, but seriously i want to kiss him again today,, and i must,, so just tell me how to go with it,,

me. you dont really know if he is feeling something the same way you feel,, because if he doesn’t feel the same,, kissing him might be difficult, ,but if he is feeling love for you and doesn’t know how to tell you, kissing him will be like doing him a favour,, giving him a chance to tell you of his love,, so you see, their is two ways attached to it,, one is to first of all go find out how he feels about you because that will help you a lot,, and the second is, kiss him and face any outcome,,

amina. wow i really understand now,, ok i think i will go and kiss him and face what ever comes out of it,,

me. and you think that the best ways???

amina. yea, i feels he loves me two,, so let me make the first step today,,

me. ami you know,, some fools in the mask of mens, would take those womens who first approach them to confess her love to him for granted,,they will show no respect to her,, and also treat her like rag,,

amina. what about you,, which do you prefer,, a woman to first approach you,, or you approach the the one you love,,??

me. i will approach the girl i love,, and ,, bu5 the woman that felt something for me,, the gather the one time moral to let me know of her feelings, deserves to be treated like a queen,, because many womans will feel live for you and but will not be able to let you know,, and she will regret it for the rest of her life,,,

amina, really??

me. yea,, you know, this word love is never meant for only mens to first feel it,, it appears in the heart of every body, bear it woman or man,, but only fools will let it die on them,,

amina. so what do you see me as now, if i first approach this guy i love to confess my love, am deserved to be treated like an angel right???

me. you are already an angel,,,

we both laughed,,

we talked till she decided to go,, i saw her off and came back to have a little rest before the upcoming match
i woked up around 1.30pm, i rested on my bed,, refreshing my brain, when i heard the school bus horn, , then it occurred to me that the time is near,, i went to my wardrobe, , clad with my real Madrid cardigan, and my trainers,, then i relaxed a little bit to view my whatsapp chat,,

(whatsapp chat)

amina. thanks so much,, am going to kiss him tonight,, i am going to be his angel so am not suppose to be afraid,,

reply. am right behind you,, just be happy thats all i want,

new chat. hey tony am your senior sams room mate tunde,, i collected your number from sam,, i will be going to the match with you guys today for the first time,, if you score today,, i will donated my girlfriend to you, i promised,,

reply. lol senior,,

miss ade. baby remember you are my star, make me proud today, and u gat another gift,,

reply.mummy i will try,,

shade. i cant just focus or sleep,, you face kept show up,, i dont know what to do,, i think am in love,, please becareful,, i dont want to fall
in love now,

reply. kill the face so it wount show up again,,

after replying those i want to reply,, i droped the phone back and set out to the school pitch,, i was on my way when i saw sam coming, so i decided to wait for him,,

me. how far??

sam. udo,, guy you have to feed me well today oo,, i need to score,, tunde bet me 5k, say i no fit score,,

me. then you have to convince the couch, to play you striker, for his first line formation,, while i feed you from 7,

sam. you will help me nah,, i promise if i win d money, nah 50-50 game trust me,,


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