its an early saturday morning,
i woked up as early as 4.30 am, my two roomates are still sleeping and snoring,,i rushed to the bathroom, brush my teeth and washed my face as i wore my red man united up nd down jersey, and set off to the pitch, i meet sam already running the pitch,, i joined him,, i ran till about 5.30.am , then did some walk out,, and sat down to discuss about school,,

sam. tony you get power like horse ooo,, u no dey even tire,,

me. hmmmmmmmmmmm,, you nko way dey here before me

sam. yes nah to say i leave you now you for still dey run,, you know since i joined you, this race have mastered me,,and it has also become a habit,,

me. better for you bro, atleast you now you don strong pass me wey teach you,,

we both laughed as he reached for his bag and brought out some pure water,,

sam. ehe that reminds me, tony who be your girl for this school??,

me. girl?? what do you mean??

sam. i mean your girlfriend, i have never seen you with any,, so i wounder if you have any or not,,

me. oh i dont have, and i never reach to have,,

sam. how old are you,,

me. 17,

sam. who said you never reach to get one?? ur mates dey grow up, you still dey here dey sleep,, me too i am 17 and i have more than 3 girls in this school, i started bleeping at the age of 13, look at that my room mate,, tunde, he is just 15 now,, and he has almost bleeped all the female students of this school,, you remember that day you came to our house,, you saw that girl that came in that time, she was looking for tunde, that time we are about to go out??

me. yea senior ivie,

sam. oh you already know her,, she is one of tundes girlfriend, , after we left nah,, tunde bleeped her in and our, till i return,,

he was still talking when the couch came, and we both greeted him,, i know you guys have been training since morning,,he asked,, yes sir we answer,

couch. thats good,, you two are my key players, and you are also making me believe you can still be strong for the task ahead,, thank you both,,

we. thank you sir,,

couch. on todays match agains st johns, you two are going to play full time, on your normal wings,, please make me proud and i will reward you both,,

we had our little lite training with the other players that morning,,
after training the couch talked to us and also told us to come out as early as 2pm because we will be going to a far place for todays match,, after that we all went to our homes for rest,, when i got home, i meet chuks and dan in the room with amina,,

she was on my bed, discussing and laughing with chuks and dan, i was surprised to see them that way, because it was my first, she came and hugged me as i enter the room,,

amina. welcome tony i have been here waiting for you,, how was you training,??


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