amina. wow you are simply the best tony,, is their anything in this world that you are not perfect on? am so proud of you,,

me. thank you dear,, always count on me,

amina. i will do all that you have adviced me today,, and if its a great success i owe you much,,

me. ok

amina. please do me another favour,,

me. if i can,,

amina. today is wednesday,, i want the both of us to be meeting here every wednesday night, during prep,

me. why?

amina. because that will make me happy,, seeing you here with me tonight, makes me soo happy,, please tony don’t reject this favour,,just do me this one favour please,

she was still pleading when the school big bell sound came to our ears, which signals the prep time over,, we hurriedly ran back to school, to avoid problems,, we joined with the other students, and she went going with her room mates,

i didn’t see dan and chuks anywhere around, so i assume they must have been in, i went inside but no one was in yet,, as i was about coming out of the room to go in search of them, i saw them coming with one kind angry face, though chuks smiled immediately he saw me,,

dan. oga where have you been, you just said that you wanted to urinate, and that was it till now, wetin happen,

chuks. lets go inside first,,

we went inside our room and lock the door behind us,,
oya nah, tony talk nah, were have you been,, dan said as he was about pulling his shoes,,

me. oh, after urinating, thier was cool breeze outside, so i stayed thier to freshen up my brain,,,

dan.but i came outside to look for you but didnt see you nah

chuks. i don’t know what urinating outside and cool breeze get to do with school back yard,, tony abeg stop lieing to us,, stop playing all this games, we are one in this room, lets alway be one, with truth,, were did you go to, because i saw you heading to school backyard side,,

me. (surprised) me?? noo i didn’t go that side oo,,

chuks. i was coming to that table that time you left to urinate, then i decided to follow you so that me too can urinate,, but when i came outside, you were not urinating, rather you was just sneaking your self to the backyard side,, and i also gently followed you to know were you was going to,, but the security mens noticed you, and wanted to catch you,, am the one that distracted them, and the pursuit me, so tony don’t try to hide any other thing because i know every thing,,

me. ok, chuks remember i told you about one of my unknown chatter on whatsapp?? she asked me to come to that side at that time i lf i would like to know her, so i went their to meet her, oh thank you very much for helping me pass those security mens, if not because of you, i don’t know were i would have been now,

dan. you see your self tony, you didnt tell him but he helped, is this not enough for you to stop keeping secrets from us, we are one here for christ sake,, please stop from here, because their is nothing you would ever tell us that will get leaked,, just trust us for once,,

me. ok i promise from today, i will never keep anything away from you guys,

chuks. and who is the person you went to meet, did you get to meet her??

me. yea, its amina, i was even surprise,

chuks. yes i know its someone you know very well, are you two dating, because i have been suspecting you guys for long,

me. noo just casual relationship,

dan. what about miss ade, what relationship did you have with her,,
remember you just promised to be sincere from today ooo,

see gobe…..


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