security man. who is there, i said come out now,,

now they are even more near to were i was, i was about coming out when someone ran from the other end, with a great speed making much sound that the security mens turned immediately to his direction and ran after him, i thanked my God and took off to my mission, i got to the mango tree, but their is no one their, i searched around and their is no sign of anybody around, then i decided to wait a little longer hoping the person will show up, 5 mins passed, no sign of anybody, then i started thinking that maybe the person was the one the security was chasing, maybe be he or she will not still show up,, i stood up and was about leaving when someone tapped my shoulder, then a heavy fear hit me, and i turned around immediately to see amina standing by my side,

me. so you are the one,

amina. yes i am,

me. why did you do this to me,

amina. because you never told me, you had a cell phone, you want to keep it a secret to me, what did you really take our relationship for,

me. its not like that,

amina. then what,?

me. i was scared of being exposed to the principal, and beside that we have never discussed anything concerning that,, so i can’t just bump out and tell you that i had a cell phone,, all the same am sorry,,

amina. ok no problem,

me. lets get going now, before they finds out please,,

amina. no need for that ok, no body is going to catch us here,, we are far from school and beside i have already bribed the securities to get here so they gat ma back, and i have not yet told you the reason i called you here,

me. ok what’s the reason??

amina. you have to first tell me how you got a cell phone as promised, then i will tell you why i called you here,

me.#thinking to my self# (she might expose me if i tell her the truth,, or even suspect me and miss ade, no way, i can’t say the truth, because i don’t really trust her)

amina. don’t even think of lieing to me,

me. oh, no i can’t lie to you, but promise me its gonna be a secret,

amina. i promise, just trust me.

me. my uncle gave the phone to me, while i was coming to this school, so that he will be communicating me secretly, but when my room mates caught me with, that was the day chuks taught me how to also do whatsapp with it, and he even downlaoded it for me,

amina. is that all,?

me. yes thats all,

amina. ok just be careful with it, and know the kind of people you chat ok,,

me. ok,

amina. the reason why i called you here is to say thanks you for being my friend, am proud of you,, and to tell you that i am in love for the first time in my life, i felt what love is, i just need a help from you,

me. in love??

amina. yes, am really in love, i have all the sign that shows that someone is in love, i always think about him every time, and if i didn’t see him for a day i always feels unhappy, and when ever i sees him my heart will jubilate as if it has won an Olympic golden medal, i cant stay a day without him, and i always think aboutno5hing else but him,,

me.wow am happy for you, and that lucky guy,,
but how can i help you,,

me. have you ever been in love before??

me. no,

amina. you know you are a guy, you know all the things a girl can do to you to make you fall in love with her,, please i need you to tell me all that, what guys likes in a woman, what kind of things that attracts them to a woman,, please tony help me, because you are the only one i could run to,,

me. but i have never been in love before,,

amina. but you are a guy and you should know all this,,

me. why not walk up to him and make him know how you loves him,

amina. no, he might turn me down, and he might not love me, i just need to make him love me first,,

me.ok just start going more close to him, and start start being more friendly, buy him food sometimes, always be around him, eat what ever he eats, support what ever he does, and always stand by him, don’t be anybody else, other than who you are, dont let him catch you being someone else, make sure he knows you are the girl you seems to sell, dont ever communicate anything that you are not, dont let him think, you are playing some kind of ivasion, make him trust you, trust is the key to every happy relationship, the main key to his heart is that he knows who you are, you come clean from the start, lay down all you cards,,
don’t feel pumpous, and always be happy around him like you just said now,


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