We saw shade off at exactly 4.30, miss ade insisted I follow her back to her house, I did, when we got there, we both sat down at the sitting room,

Miss ade. Ehe tony that gift I promised you, is not just the soft drink I bought for you today, come let’s go to the room let me surprise you,

We went to the room, their was a white nylon bag on her bed, immediately I saw it I know it might be the bag containing the jersey she bought for me, she reach for the bag and grab it, showing it to me, she said,

Miss ade. Tony here take it, its the gift I got for you,

Me. (Took it from her,) thank you ma,

Miss ade. You can open it let’s see,

I opened the nylon, it was a jersey, as I predicted, a white and two red up and down man united jersey,

Miss ade. You know since you came to this school, I have never seen you before with another club jersey apart from man united jersey, so I think you must be a man united fan, that’s why I bought them for, hope you like them,

Me. (With joy) yes, I love them, thank you so much ma,

Miss ade. You are welcome, just that you owe me a kiss now

I went close to her and planted a hot kiss to her lips, she kissed back, and the kiss lasted for a minute,, then we withdraw our selves from each other

Miss ade. I would have loved you to make me happy today, but just that I was on my special days,,

truthfully I don’t know the meaning of being in a special week, but I don’t need to ask, I just thank God am not gonna do that shit today, I stayed with her for sometimes, I checked the time it was 3minutes pass 5, so I announced my leaving to her, she planted another kiss on my lips, before letting me go, with my jersey, I was so happy, that I even forgot that miss sandra asked me to come over and pick the gift she also has for me, I went home , thank god my two trouble makers were not around, I would have answered a lot of question today, I used my own key, unlocked the door, and gently enter with my jersey, then I remove them on nylon and put them at the back of my bag, so that they wont come to find out how I got a new jersey, I know you must be thinking if they wont see me wear them right? Ok I also planned on telling them that I came to the school with them, but I have not wore them for the first time, that is if they ask me oo, I brought out my phone to chat, switched it on, and relaxed on my bed with it,

I have two new chats with unsaved numbers,then I replied one who said hi, And also replied the other who said boy,,
then I opened my old unknown chatter to see his/her chat,

Unknown. I came to your lodge today to see you but you were not around, I saw dan and chuks at the canteen but you are not with them, so were did you go??

Me. None of your bizness,
(Though the person wasn’t online,)

Then I replied all my chats,
I was about switching off when I had a new notification,

Unknown. Ok if you say so, but I was a bit worried when I didn’t see you with your friends,

Me. You don’t need to be worried, because you don’t want to tell me who you are, I don’t know you, so don’t worry about me ok,
Unknown. Ok I will tell you who I am, today but after that you will have to tell me, how you got a phone and also were u went today, deal?

Me. Are you ordering me,

A chat came in from one of my new chatters today,

New chat. Tony how are you,

Me. Fine and you,

New chat. kul,

Me. Please can I know you??

Unknown. No how can I order you dear

Me. Let me know you first, who you are will determine if I will tell you or not,

Unknown. Ok let meet tonight at the back off the school, near that big yellow flower,
During prep time,

Me. Noo, how would you suggest that kind of place??

Unknown. you just have to sneak you self to that place, because that place is the only place I can see you,

Me. But that place is dark and scary at night,

Unknown, yes that’s why I choose their because I don’t want the securities to see us,,

Me. Why not come to the prep hall, so we can discuss their,,

Unknown. Just come their if you want to know me, that’s all,

New chat. I am the principal of your school, you must report to my office tomorrow morning with your phone..


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